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Hello and welcome to Beinner guide

Here will be a recommendation for a great start here on the server. Probably most whom come here are familiar with the game, thus this will be more directed to those whom are already some what familiar with the game. Lets begin.


Characters at Level: 5-10

So, first you create a character. Log onto the game.Then you vote on the website. Once that is finished, you are able to go to Vote rewards and send the voting reward as Event Gold to your character. You will get a total of 5 Event gold if you voted on all sites.
With the Event Gold, ( Will shorten it to EG from here on) you buy at the Pack section. "Demons' hidden treasure" and another pack that costs 2 EG, Lucky Coral perhaps.

Now you want to open up all the packs. It will take alittle bit of time but that is totally fine. Start with the 2 EG pack you purschased in the store.

You will now get both Token of Luck and Lucky Coins. With the Token of luck you can do lots of things, with them you want to Manufacture x10 Teleacoustic (9), x5 Hyper EXP (40) and also Training Esoterica (15). That cost a total of 64 Token Of Luck. You might need more Teleacoustic's just in case.

While unpacking, you want to get Level 5. You can do quest's untill level 5, or you can just farm mobs until you get level 5. If you want to speed it up, Hyper EXP is not a bad choice. As it will only take you about 2-3 mins until you are level 5.

Alternatively, you can aim for reaching level 10. If so, do Cultivation at level 9, and also the quest " Maiden's Summon". Cultivation for more skills ( which you will see useful soon) and Maiden's summon gives you a free Flight which has an incredible 7.00 m/s which super useful!


Characters Level: 10-20

Now since you have either reached level 5 or level 10 you want to now use Teleacoustic. You can ask something like this" Anyone free to summon me to Emerald Dragon Gulf Boat"? If you are successfully abled to be summoned there, you are in for a surprise!
You could also ask if someone is able to summon you to Main map (if you dont have anyone to summon you to the boat) Then you just want to fly to that Boat yourself.  There you will get a popup quest, which when turned in will level you up greatly. The coordinates are: 628,656.

Worst case scenario, you don't get any summon at all then you will have to level up to 20 in Celestial Vale alone. Then it is suggested that you complete also level 19 Culti. Then you don't have to return to this place. Hyper EXP can help a lot speed up with that leveling. If needed you can use up your session for the day. Remember to always pick x12 EXP on Hypers! Also use Training Esoterica whenever you farm mobs. You go to level 11 mobs, when you are about level ~8. Stay there until about level 15, then you can move to level 16~17 mobs untill you reach level 20.


Characters Level: 30-40

After reaching level 33/34 you want to take the Level up Rewards. From there you get various of useful things. Activate the Geographic map you get ( level 20 reward) and teleport yourself to City of Thousand Streams. At Thousand streams (or 1k) you want to go get gear from: Assistant Wang Tsai NPC. On level 30 Treasure Box Reward you get level 30 armor ticket. Take reward: 20 and 30,  5 and level 10. Stash the level 10 Armor ticket and use the bank extension stone on Banker quest. Do the same with the level 5, inventory extension stone.

( Level 10 armor ticket may be worth using if you want the Heavy Armor, since it gives pretty good stats for its level, and the best Physical Defenses a Magic class can get at this point and untill about level 100. Its worth having 7 Dex for that.)

With this you will get Armor level 30 (of your choosing) and also a Level 30 weapon of your choosing (make sure you are able to cast skills with the weapon you get, which matches your class.) The gears will cover: Armor, Weapon, Ornament's (Rings and Necklace). You can stick with this gear until level 40.

Since you have unpacked most if not all packs by now you will have a various amounts of items. You want to check the items you have gotten by searchin in "Commission Merchant" to see if there is anything of value. You do want to sell things so you get coins. You want atleast 5 million coins. You will also have about ~1500 Token of Luck and ~100 Lucky Coins from unpacking all the packs. (It also depend which pack you have opened!)

With Token of Luck (or ToL for Short) you want to make x40 Oracle I (Oracle level 30) which costs 100 ToL. Then you want to go to Buff merchant and get "increasses Damage vs Mobs." called also "Divine Bless". This buff is your best friend as it is SUPER useful as you will soon see!

You can get this buff anytime, until level 70. So you want to refresh it when the buff runs out and when you reach level 69.

There is also another good buffs to be bought. + Crit Damage and also + Critical hit is good choices too. Optional ones are + Attack damage/ Magic Damage. + Magic/Physical Defense.  + HP.

You also want to ask in World chat (with Teleacoustic) if there is any Cleric available to Primal RB with you in squad. ( they can go afk Doing this.)
Also, ask if any Mystic is available for buffing you (Invigorate skill, increasses Damage vs Mobs.) If you successfully get these two to buff you this will be a Super big assistance.

Now, you want to go and do Oracle I. Preferably you want a cleric with you. If you have a Cleric with you doing Primal RB (Primal Heaven's Wrath) you will see the magic. You will want to have both HP and MP (Guardian and Spirit) charms activated.
You want to do Oracle I untill you get level 40.

Once you get level 40, you want to return again to 1k (City of Thousand Streams). From level 40 Treasure Box reward you will get a new Armor Ticket which is for level 40. With it talk to Assistant Wang Tsai and get new gear from him. Then you want to Manufacture with Lucky coin "Lost Giant's Amulet and Lost Incantation Amulet" 65 of each ( costing 1 lucky coin each) should be sufficient at this point.

You will also have recieved "Stone of Evolved PW" shards. Shard them in your level 40 gear. You will want to fully shard your gear with them. x20 gives 2300 HP which is HUGE HP bonus at this point. As a bonus, you can add x2 Shards to your wep and you can also consider Refine the weapon to +2. Mirage Celestones are Cheap and so is +2 Dragon Orbs.

You want to also buy this following items: Wings of Cloudcharger and Championship scroll. Warsong Marshal Badge and Cube of Fate Stamp.
Wings of cloudcharger is the best Cape you can have at this level (level 45 Requirement).
Championship scroll can be exchanged to Warsoul helmet at level 70. Choose the one which fits you. This helmet will you have for a long time.
Warsong marshal badge and Cube of fate stamp you exchange for a belt and a necklace, at PW Boutique Agent at the Gift exchange and then  "Gear section".
Prices vary, but as of writing this: these items can be found for about 5mil each, sometimes much cheaper sometimes higher.
Shard Wings of Cloudcharger if you have it ( will be a great defense boost once you ht level 45) you can also refine this cape too.


Characters Level: 40-50

From here you want to choose what type of Oracle you want to do. Oracle II (Oracle level 35) is the best one, as there is most mobs there. But it could also be contested, so before you decide to make oracle for a place you can check it out to see if it is free. Other wise you can choose another one. You can also go back doing Oracle I or Oracle III (Oracle level 40.)

Make sure to bring a Cleric with Primal RB with you if possible. also, make sure to ALWAYS have the Bonus Damage vs Skill mob on!
From here on it is just continuing doing Oracle untill you reach your desired level. About ~200 to level 60, ~400 to 70 and ~1200 80.

I suggest level 75-79 is a good spot to reach. You can of course continue to level +80 with this method if you choose, but you will see significantly more time will it take for each level.

If you want to have 1 or 2 additional elementclient open ( PW) then on the two Alts you can get them to level 33, gear them up and they can farm Dragon Quest 31 items for you to help prepare for the "Love of Dragon" quest which is prerequisite to do before Daily DQ is unlocked. You could also do Daily Dragon Quest on them too to make more Event Gold for you.


 Assistance (Crafting)

Once you are done with doing your Oracle, Buy a Championship scroll and then exchange it at Elder of Arcosaur for a Warsoul helmet. Manufacture skills are learned at Elder from your Class main City. If you dont have Tailor at level 1, then you can ask someone else. You also now want to take the quest " paperclip for a villa" from him too.

Advanced Progress

There after you want to go to Bounty Hunter NPC in middle of arco platform, take the quest and then go and do part 1 and 2 of Paperclip for a villa, go to Tu Heng ( or what NPC is called) and then go to the next step, which is probably tailor nearby too.

Make also sure to have an Genie with holy path. Aim for atleast 50 vit and 50 Mag, on your genie so you can spam Holy path's more often.

You also want to do The Treasure VI for a powerful ring! ( level 59 level requirement)

Right now you are in a great spot for doing Cultivation. As you are high level and also quite strong too! Most of the Cultivation will be easy to do too. There will be occasional bosses you will need help with. To make Cultivation faster, make sure to have a mount with +14m/s. Also feed it so it has full Loyalty. (Purple fox pet / Chronobike ticket are easily accessable ones) You could also buy them, if you have not received them from package or someone giving them out for free.

At level 80 you can also equip Puzzle cube necklace and also warsong belt, by exchanging Cube of fate stap and Warsong marshal badge at PW boutique agent, "gift exchange"

If you happen to join a Guild, consider doing daily Base Quest's. With Merit points you want to buy either:
Essence of the storm +90% m/s or Sun Chaser +150 m/s. These speed pills will speed things up, especially in Instances.

You also want to pick up Crazy Stone Daily quest.

From here you go back to Celestial vale and do Cultivation 19 ( if you have not done that.)
If cultivation is done, start the cultivation pre 29 which starts at General Summer.
There will be occasional bosses that you will need help with. If you have picked up the recommended gear, and fully sharded them you will be able to do more bosses in the Cultivation Quest line. Different classes will have it easier too.


Characters Level: 80-95

At about level 80/89 it is worth doing quest\s. Go for Pink quest's. There are also a couple of good Red ones too ( you will have to look into that). The best ones are they whom are usually a singel task only. If you also have Hyper session available, that may also be something to do on the side too. The classes have various strength. I think Pheonix Valley can be quite useful to do if you are a Seeker with culti 59 done and buffed. Especially with blood paint. Quests will regardless be a great choice here. When you get level 89 and have finished Culti 89, you want to go to Heavenfall temple * in sage world( and then doing that. Heavenfall temple is your fasest way to level now, and also some items received from Heaven Fall temple you can sell for lots.

At level 90 you get Homestead Quest line. (35 000rep requirement /Rank 6). 25 Rep ( Wraith Officer badge) is x8 Token of Luck. which makes 25 Rep about 120k. 35 000 is about 170 mil. It is worth Unlocking Homestead as soon as possible, for the additional 30-40mil a day is sweet! To get Nightbloom item, you need x5 Red jade and another item from a Regular Merchant NPC, which is very easy and cheap to get.

Finish that, and you will get a daily quest for Nightbloom Sigil. This is a good Coin generator for you. These can be exchanged to Sovereign's seal, which goes for about 15-20mil EA.

At level 91 you will be able to do Dragon Quest level 91. That will give you 3.3 Event Gold, and a total of 10 if you finish it 3 times which is the daily limit. That will be a good additional Event Gold income. You really want to set up a good income of Event Gold for you daily, which will greatly assist you in your further progression quicker.

Level 95 is a great level to reach, when you reach it and have done enough quests in Morai, you are able to do Endless Universe. With Endless Universe you are able to get -5 Event Gold per day which is a great thing! Also, you can do Dragon Quest daily for a -10 Event Gold! With that you are able to get what you want from there. And you are set to go!


Tips while doing Heavenfall Temple:

Use Weapon with Slaying Level ( your Level 40 Weapon is great to use there.)
Use Armor / Armorsets that gives Warding levels.
Buy the 4000 points item. You can buy 3 of them and activate them for up to 12000 Points. In the task where you need to collect the energy, you cannot have TOO high Damage, where you 1 shot the Plants / Dragon or IMP as you will not collect any energy that way. Every other room you are able to have a high Damage output.
Also, consider adding more defense level / Defenses/ HP as you progress through the floors.

Additional Gear you may want:

at level 60, if you get 5000 rep you may get a -0.05 -interval armor ( Only for Assasin, Archer and maybe Duskblade) and a -3% channeling armor, ( Mag classes only) which may be a great option.

at level 85 you get a level 85 reward which you can exchange at PW boutique agent that gives you a level 85 weapon.

at level 90 you can exchange "Lunar wing trophy"?  (I think the name is that) for either a -0.05  interval cape or a  -6% channeling cape. Two great choices.

There is also some Mold Weapon's/ Armor you can get. If you go to 1k and close to elder, there is an Mysterious Chip merchant whom exchanges mold for Mysterious chip.  Mysterious Chip Box can be bought for ~1mil (1000 in them) in Commission shop, or attained from opening packs. -6% channeling is quite worth to get this armor piece, level 77 arm (Arcane Armor)

Also, a few other decent weapons in there.


If you have finished Wraith's Ploy / Chrono Quest so you have unlocked Chrono world // Old Heaven's Tear. You are also able to manufacture // Do Summon Card Bosses, where you buy from Merchant the Mysterious Tome Fragment ( i believe name is) and then exchange it for each piece of the 8 cards needed to make a signature.

With them you take the quest from elder you now are able to get from him. And then you go to the designated Summon Bot and take the quest from Summon Bot in exchange for the item you have. This Boss you have Summoned may be too hard for you at this point, but if you get help with this boss, you are able to get Mirages and also parts for making Old Heavens Tear gear.

They are at about level 92~. They are by far the cheapest option of higher level gear you can use. You can fully shard them with Stone of Evolved. And Add Sockets with Sockets stones if you get any. (Super cheap, costs 1 event gold for x9999). The Old Heaven's Tear Gear are also worthy of being used after Rebirth.

This option is much easier accessable than TT gear levels 70-90. As the materials for TT 90 Gear itself can be quite Costly. Also, levels 70-80 TT gear no one farms anyway. Same with Quicksand maze, no one farms that for Gears level 55-85 anyway.

There is Solo mode for TT that is easier, but not sure if you will take that route to get some of the TT mats. It doesn't cover all either for TT 70 or 90 Respectively.


Characters in Morai

Once you enter Morai, make sure to do the quest line that unlocks Endles universe. It is Time and Illusion quest chain you want to complete.

Last pink quest ends up at Elder of 1k Streams. Then you get a level 95 weapon. Choose the one that fits your character.

Then take red quest from elder, i think "Stolen essences" //Kreek. COmpleting that last step unlocks Endless universe.


From here, continue doing Morai quests for EXP and unlock more Equipment. Morai Gear is STRONGER than TT99 gear VS Mobs (PvE) So this is a great choice!

Or, continue climbing up on Heavenfall Temple. Completing it all, will give Great EXP reward ( you gain a reward every floor so worth coming here regardless you complete or not)

after completing it all, you will be close to level 98/99. Finish Morai quest's. If more EXP is needed for level 100, consider continueing with Quests that give good exp reward ( the best are usually the 1 task only!)



Characters Level: 100+

When reaching level 100, you are ready for Rebirth. Finish that small quest from General summer (pink) and then consider Rebirthing at this point.

Morai Gear is decent enough to level up with. you don't really need any gear stronger than that to have a smooth journey. Before rebirthing, make sure thou, that you have about 2500 Token of Luck ( so you can make a bunch of Oracles)

To level up, simply get to level 30-35 and do Oracle from this point untill you reach level ~80.

It will be considerably faster now you have rebirthed.

There is also 10mil EXP box you get for reaching level 100, simply use it After you have rebirthed, and you will bbe back on the levels greatly again! (Use it BEFORE level 100 though)



Rebirth 1 will not take you much time, since it is Considerably much faster leveling up after you have rebirthed. ( Hypers give the same EXP as before though). And when you have rebirthed you are able to get Daily Primal Bloods from the level 100 Daily, which is a great thing. Certain classes benefits more from this. And also Dragon orb packages, which will help you refine your gear.

Also, there is Drake Pirate you can also hunt for once he spawns, since you have now access to Primal World. Also, when you get to level 100 again, you are able to do Flow Silver Palace. This instance will grant you Dragon Orb Packages. Containing Mirage and other sweet Refine orbs. For up to 30 a day, which will greatly help you in refining.



Something to Consider:

Full r9  version 2 PvE Gear Costs about ~ 8 Billion Coins  ( approximate equivalent to 400-440 Event Gold)

Full G16 About 1-2 Billion ( approximate 50-110 Event Gold)

Full Nirvana gear is cheaper than G 16, maybe half price or so.

TT99 Gloves and Footwear are about 100-200 mil ea ( they are the easiest part to farm. You Maybe may also do Easy Solo mode to farm them)

Either for Interval or Channeling, this is a cheap option for that!


Final tips

Fully Sharded and Refined G16 may make you egilble to do UDC // MM with other teams. They usually want characters that makes the run smooth, thus usually very highly geared. But if you are a class like:

Veno, BM, Seeker, DB or Cleric with Primal RB ( Heaven's Wrath Primal edition) you may get spots. As I have experienced with.


This is alittle long maybe, but this is pretty much all you need to know to have a great start on here. Make sure to leave Feedback and also comments on how this worked out for you as would be happy to see that and thus this can be finetuned even more ;)

Have fun all!

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