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Cubi Trading System

Cubi Trading System


We are glad to announce, that we have made something possible, that you all wished for a long time, and a lot Perfect World players wished for nearly 10 years now.

We managed to re-work the function of Cubi Gold and that way made it not only function like Event Gold Boxes, but also trade-able!

Yes you heard right, after the next Patch, you will be able to trade Cubi with your friends, to Gift Cubi to your friends and overall use Cubi Gold as a fully functional Trading Item!

The GIF below will display how it works, but it's quite selfexplaining. The Cubi Gold is available as 1x Cubi Gold10x Cubi Gold and 100x Cubi Gold Boxes, which can be purchased and then simply traded for other goods and then very easily, by right clicking, added back to the Shop of the Gold Box owner.


How the system works:

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