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Dungeon: Endless Universe

Visual Guide



Getting EU Unlocked

Morai quest to complete:

  1. Time and Space
  2. A villege Past
  3. Time and Illusion

Entering EU

  •  Talk To Keek
  •  Pick your Posion
  •  Talk to the NPC on the steps.
  •  Enter EU

Once inside EU

Squad Lead

  • Pick the quest:  Requirements
  • Pick the quest: New Trial 

You MUST make sure all your squad members are in range



  • Pick a crystal to dig, Stand on it untill the leader activates the ques
  • Pick up the quest for the crystal you were sitting on.
  • Dig the crystal


  • Once the crystals are dug each player will need to stand inbetween the purple lights
  • Once the next player reaches you the ywill turn in a quest which you have to then pick up and take it to the next person
  • Once this is done itll tell you the task is complete and you then JUMP  off the side of the road your standing at


  • If YOU are a runner and you DIE. Everyone will fail.
  • If you move out of the purple lights. Everyone will fail.

Part 2

Leader quest: Gem Delivery Success

  • Once youve all jumped of the edge the leader will activate another quest and you need to go to the first platform
  • Kill the boss run to the third platform
  • Run to the platfoprm on the right hand side (Forth platform) Here you will encounter the next boss
  • She is easy you can nuke her
  • If you CANT nuke her - she is still easy - she will tell you to find the Real her and you will just have to kill clones untill she unimunitizes

Part 3

  • The last part to this will be back on platform 3 - up the top near platform 5 Ghost wing will spawn.
  • Deal X dmg to him and he will not kill Ya'll - if you don't deal X dmg to him the water pool behind where he flies around will save yo
  • Ghost wing will set fire to teh floor your on so stand in the water...
  • Deal X dmg to ghost wing BUT DON'T KILL HIM
  • Once thats done he will disapear and the 'real' boss will spawn, Kill that one


  • If you kill the first ghost wing the second wont spawn - he will glitch
  • If you die by the fire WAIT for a CLERIC to res you - or wait for the fire to end before you res scroll
  • Mystics yall should res ball everyone incase

Jump off the ledge when your done - wait for the leader to take the quest to get your reqward from the NPC

Leader Quest: An Unexpected Gift

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