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Evolved Bounty Hunter

Evolvd Bounty Hunter


The new NPC is called:

  • Evolved Bounty Hunter

The new NPC is available at all places, where you would find the original Head Hunter NPC

Evolved Bounty Hunter:

The new Quest chain is very similar, to the original Head Hunter Chain Quest. It's function and rewards are quite unique and will combine the following things:

1. World Bosses | Mini Bosses | Chrono World Bosses

2. All Dungeons from (Cave 19 ~ Cave 99)


How to access the Quests?

This a Quest Chain, that will benefit ALL players, regardless of their progression. You may be able to participate in the Dailies whether you are Level 30 or Level 105.

by talking to the new Evolved Bounty Hunter NPC.


How to finish the Quests?

We have customised all Dungeons:

  • FB 19 - FB 99

Which will relive the old Dungeons, and make them useful to ALL players.  These Dungeons will auto-attach their individual Quests (ONLY available within these particular Dungeons) as soon as you enter them, which will require from you to kill a Boss.

Usually the final Boss of the Dungeon. Once you killed that Boss it will RANDOMLY pick 1 of the following Bosses:

  • World Boss (available in the main World)
  • Mini Boss (Available in the main World)
  • Chrono World Bosses (available in Chrono World)

Once the previous Quest has chosen one of the Bosses listed above, you will have to Slay them! 


How to get rewarded?

Once you have killed a World Boss | Mini Boss or Chrono World Boss there is a chance, that you will be rewarded with one of the following:

  •  Evolved Lv.1 Bounty Order

  •  Evolved Lv.2 Bounty Order

  •  Evolved Lv.3 Bounty Order

These Orders will make the actual Bounty Hunter Quests available at the Evolved Bounty Hunter NPC. 


What are the Quests rewarding?

All Quests (Head Hunter I, II, III) are ehanced by x2 in original Rewards. Aside of that, every Quest will reward you with a certain amount of Event Gold (100% drop), depending on the level required to finish the Quest.

The highest Level Quest will reward you with 5 Event Gold, and a chance to obtain another 2 Event Gold based on a randomised system.

(Opportunity to obtain 7 Event Gold in total:Head Hunter I (Lv.:100+) )

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