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Evolved Custom Features

Custom Features


In this Guide you will be shown all the unique and exclusively on Evolved PWI available features:



Visual Changes



Damage Chat:

The damage chat was simplified, by the request of our community and will from now on simply display the difference in either taking or dealing damage as following:


Guild positions and Online | Offline status:

For a better overlook in your guild, we have recolourized the Guild Positions as well as the Online | Offline status


New Member status:

To make a little bit more visible the start on our server, we decided to recolourize the starting Title, everyone get as well as the Name being shouted



UI - Interface optimisations

Character preview

When using the Item: Eye of Observation, it used to display a lot of statistics very poorly and mostly bugged - overlapping digits. This was fixed so everyone can very clear analyze their opponent or friends by the prohibition of having Eye of Observation in your inventory!





Character assistance Display:

The assistance health Bar used to be very buggy displayed, usually making it impossible to determine the statistic of your opponent, especially if the Target is a Venomancer, as it includes a Pet display/Button as well. That was now fixed and will be presented a lot more clear





Opponent HP

The Health displayed on your opponents HP bar was now bolded, in order to enable a clearer vision and to make it equally presented as your own Health Bar





Custom Mechanics and Features

Inventory Capacity increase:

  • The Inventory and Banker max. capacity of coins, was increased from 200.000.000 coins to



We have added a new method to properly, with no time loss, automated switch between your items during either PVE, where every second counts in an important Dungeon or in PVP.

AutoSwap is an item, which was added to the Unique Rewards (Quests).

Displayed on your screen as Gold Box 


AutoSwap Mechanic:

A quick demonstration of AutoSwap can be previewed below:


AutoSwap Mechanic of individual Items:

A quick demonstration of of AutoSwap can be previewed below:

Note: The AutoSwap feature is very useful in PVE related circumstances or Dungeons, due to the fact, that on Evolved Perfect World International you are allowed to create more Rank 9 and Rank 8 Sets. Having the chance to switch between Defensive and Offensive builds!


CHI - Vigor Collection

Players usually most of the time lack CHI or Vigor during any kind of situation, whether its fighting strong Bosses or fighting real opponents. Therefor, we have decided to tweak the essential Attacking Speed, which a character has when they Un-equip their Weapons. The basic Attacking speed in the new Evolved Elysium Expansion is now set to 5.00 when having no weapon Equipped.

Demonstration can be previewed below:



Dungeon Resets

Usually people feel annoyed by the fact, they need to find somebody (or use Alts) in order to reset their Dungeon while playing Perfect World International

Reset Dungeon: Causing the Mobs and Bosses in a Dungeon to respawn

Evolved Elysium Expansion has introduced a new completely customised Button, called: Dungeon Reset Button


The button will only work, in case you are Outside the Dungeon - World and will have a cooldown of 5 minutes. In case your reset wasn't successful, be aware that it's still under cooldown (Preventing it of getting spammed)



Switching Modes:

(APS and DPH)

Everyone knows, that Perfect World international has two damage mechanics:

  1. Attack per Second (APS)
  2. Damage per Hit (DPH)

These two are pretty selfexplaining and usually were accepted as such. The only difficulty there was usually criticized by the players is the fact, that they can't be properly divided. 

Evolved Elysium Expansion is making a clear statement regards the two Modes and introduces a new Button: Disable Auto Attack which will allow you to switch between both modes regardless of your class.

Enable the Button:


Auto Attack ON:

Auto Attack OFF:

Note: You can't autoattack between your skills, if you have "Disable Auto-Attack Button" enabled


New Custom Inventory:

Added New inventory for a completely new experience in Perfect World and a MUCH bigger Quality of Life addition, that will let you carry  the following options constantly with your character, wherever you are:



Performance Buttons

The Menu (Updated):


















For more information check out the Patch V26 which will include further information of the Button functions.



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