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Evolved PWI - Multi-Core (Upgrade)

Evolved PWI - Multi-Core


Perfect World is running for more than a decade on only 1 Core (1 CPU/1 Processor) regardless of your PCs performance. It's not a surprise, that most of the time the game is being a very bad experience even on the most high-tech machines.

This will change from today, by introducing a completely re-worked Perfect World Engine:

  • Multi-Core Engine

We have re-worked the entire game from SCRATCH. The entire code is reverse engeneered, in order to enable all your CPUs/Cores to function properly and easily grant you 60 FPS even in very clustered Areas.


  • Homestead will be disabled until its re-coded from scratch


You can download our client now via: Download Evolved PWI


Other changes 

(Probably won't catch all, it's way too many)

  • Re-worked Questlog, visually changed as well as the way it works (Fade-in effect)
  • Re-worked following system. Your char will smartly follow another char, its route as well as height and turn variations 
  • Highlighted Monsters required for Quests. Monsters/Bosses, required in order to finish a Quest will be highlighted with a visual effect
  • Re-worked instant Flying, turning mechanic. You will smoothly speed up the flight animation and fly right away, granting prefect timing to immediately start your direction
  • Special Event Center Dungeon - All Events, that are known to be exclusively available to evolved PW are now located within a completely new Dungeon, that will open the Doors for the currently running Event.
  • Zoom into NPC feature. Even old NPCs will now provide a whole new experience, by zooming into their model
  • Re-worked Character Panel. You will now be able to see the following statistics as well:
    • Channelling
    • Quests completed
    • Titles acquired
    • Players killed
    • Deaths
  • Re-Worked Skillbar Extension feature. You may now individually choose whether you want to extend 1 skillbar or both, or a combination between the two.
  • Unlimited Smilie slots. We've added over 10+ new custom Smilie sets, and the list will be extended with every next patch. We are open to all smilies our community personally has collected over the years and will gladly apply them on our server.
  • Updated Teleportation mechanic. We have added 3 new Teleportation stones:
    • Perfect Teleport Stone
    • Lightning Teleport Stone (7 days)
    • Storm Teleport Stone (30 days) - Which will enable teleportation between all the realms available for Perfect World
  • Re-worked Colornames. All colornames have smoother transition and will cause 0% impact on the performance of our clients.
  • Mobs/Bosses will now display all their droppable goods within a small treasure Icon, right beside their Name and Health bars
  • Range between you and your Target will be displayed below your character in real time.
  • Fashion Tab in both: Event Shop and Cubi Shop will have a fully functional searching Bar for all your beloved Fashion pieces
  • Re-worked Auto-Swap system. Not only was it completely changed in the way it works, made simplified and userfriendly. Auto-Swap was also re-coded from scratch in order to cause 0% of stutter to you or anyone around you.
  • Arigora - Colosseum. We've added Arigora - Colosseum with its own ranking system and score system based mechanic, that will have an integrated and separated Shop for various goods. Note: The current items are purposely costing: 9999, until proper prices are set up.
  • World Quests and targeted Quests are now available in form of Quest icons on the Main map (Press: M)
  • Materials are available as icons, at their exact location on the Main map (Press: M) - You may turn this feature off within the Settings of Evolved PWI
  • Re-Worked Skillsender - a fully functional and most importantly smoothly working Skillsender was integrated. You may enable it via the Skillsender Icon near the Mini map. 
  • Re-Worked Disable Auto-Attack Button. It wont block your character anymore from auto-attacking, but rather smoothly hinder it from Auto-attacking UNLESS you allow so
  • Re-Worked Cancel Charge button - It will perfectly cancel all charge-able skills at precisely: 1 second.
    • All Buttons mentioned above have an integraded saved feature. Which will memorize your options even when you logged off.
  • Re-Worked Auto-Recovery Menu. It will now save all your options and adjustments
  • Added a new Button to the Inventory that will allow an automatical exchange between 10.000.000 coins and Ten Million Pages, as well as vice versa.
  • Re-worked T-panel - You will be able to, depending on the classes selected, see the exact amount of players in your Area
  • Re-worked Squad feature, in order to display Hidden Buffs (Optional) - You may turn off this feature in the Settings of Evolved PWI.
  • Chat tabs were re-colorized properly for a more aesthetic look
  • Characters that are out of your Range, but within your Squad will have a greyed out icon to represent - out of range
  • Durations of Buffs/Debuffs will be displayed right under the Buffs/Debuffs below your Characters/Targets Health Bar
  • Evolved.dll notification won't be an issue anymore. That file was removed
  • Added the option to save your Skill layouts and switch between each Layout instantly
  • Added a button to track the walking Jintao NPC in Morai
  • Added Pick Up All feature to Event Shop
  • Added a new row for Macros
  • Added +20 Slots for Pets and Mounts
  • Added the option to Hatch and Revert pets directly from the Pet Menu
  • Other things, that i probably will remember later on, and additionally add them to the patch Notes (sorry, it's too much)

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