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Fixes & Issues

Issues & Fixes

This post will help you in case you encounter currently known issues related to the Client.


Server Error

Is your character not responding? A quest isn't popping up, even tho it should? You can't cast skills?

In that case you've received the following message:

There are few reasons why it could happen:


Doing too much, too quick!

  • If you are opening many packs, way too fast - spamming. Then you will receive this error. The saw called Anti-duping system, that prevents you from confusing the server.

Solution: Open less pack types, slower.



Updating Problems

In case you are experiencing an error when trying to update your client. Make sure you have:

  • Ticked all the Boxes on your update window:
    • Automatically Update Client
    • Manually select Server
    • Download by using P2SP
  • Choosen either EU (Europe) or US (United States) host before starting it


d3dx9_43.dll Error

In case you are experiencing the error d3dx9_43.dll missing Error, all you have to do is instal the Directx 9 program within your Evolved Folder (Evolved PW Multi-Core => element => dxwebsetup.exe.



Elementclient.exe (Error)

This is the error some users might experience, when their Windows is more sensitive set up, than usual:

Solution: You will have to access the Performance Option in your Computer, in Data execution prevention and add elementclient.exe to it as shown below:


Or by checking  - Data Execution Prevent (Guide)




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