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Issues & Fixes

Issues & Fixes


This post will help you in case you encounter currently known issues related to the Client.


Server Error

Is your character not responding? A quest isn't popping up, even tho it should? You can't cast skills?

In that case you've received the following message:

There are few reasons why it could happen:


Doing too much, too quick!

  • If you are opening many packs, way too fast - spamming. Then you will receive this error. The saw called Anti-duping system, that prevents you from confusing the server.

Solution: Open less pack types, slower.



If you are holding your hotkeys down, that are assigned to a skill in your skill bar - It will trigger the error message. Reason for that is because the system considers you spamming that skill.

Solution: Do not hold down your hotkeys when casting skills or Turn off your Skillsender


At the Login!

If you are encountering this error, right after you logged in, then your client could've got corrupted or your Log folder is overfilled.

Solution: Check out the Screenshot below, in order to empty your Log Folder.

Link to the image: FIX


Launcher #1 - Error

Receiving an error as below?

Solution: Add our Evolved PWI 1.5.5 Folder to your Windows Defender/ Antivirus exclusion list!

If you don't know how to add Files to exclusion lists, check out the official Tutorial: Exclusion List - Guide



Elementclient.exe (Error)

This is the error some users might experience, when their Windows is more sensitive set up, than usual:

Solution: You will have to access the Performance Option in your Computer, in Data execution prevention and add elementclient.exe to it as shown below:


Or by checking  - Data Execution Prevent (Guide)



All Hosts shown as: ---- (Error)

In case you are experiencing the following Error:

Solution: Start Evolved Launcher as Administrator


Launcher #2 - Error


Solution: Right click on elementclient.exe inside Evolved Perfect World International/element/ folder and choose properties, then tick the Unblock box at the bottom of the properties as showed in the picture.



Unable to load evolved.dll!

If you are receiving the following error


Fix 1: 

1. Open Windows Defender.

2. Go to History tab.

3. In the History tab, check for Quarantined items.

4. Place a check on the file that you want to restore, this should enable Allow item.

5. Press Allow item, this should bring the file back to the original location.


Fix 2:

1. Open your Antivirus

2. Find quarantined files in your antivirus then choose the option to restore and add to exceptions.

3. In case you cannot restore the evolved.dll file, you can download it here evolved.dll

4. Download to Evolved Perfect World/element folder and extract it with winrar, winzip, 7zip etc.


Fix 3:

Check the video on how to add the client folder to Windows Security Exceptions. WS Exceptions

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