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Farming Items (Lv.50 - Lv.80)

Item Progression (Lv.50~80)

(New Players)

Dungeons affected by the Changes:

> Secret Frostcover (FB 49)

> Wraithgate (FB 69)

> Halucinatory Trench (FB 79)


Were you asking yourself how to obtain gear in the Level range of LV. 50 -> LV.80? You found the proper Guide to answer all your questions!


Where to craft/find the Gear?

You may find the Forge on the following spot on the World Map:


The Forge name: Shade's Embrace: Genesis



How to Access the Dungeons?

Via Illusion Stone at Archosaur West:


Details about the Dungeon drops:

Secret Frostcover (FB 49)

Boss Names:

  • Fushma - Hexocelot Lieutenant 
  • Rankar - Ferocious Ironskin 
  • The Myriadtail Wyvern 

Will now drop:


Wraithgate (FB 69)

Boss Names:

  • Noxtouch Culler
  • Serpentrex
  • Resentful Pyrosteosis
  • Undying Hornshell
  • Damned Gaurnob
  • Cenequus Polearm

Will now drop:

  •  Original Lore Used to craft Lv.70 Armor | Weapons | at Shade's Embrace: Genesis
  •  Heartward Jade  Used to craft Lv.70 Robes | Ornaments at Shade's Embrace: Genesis


Halucinatory Trench (FB 79)

Boss Names:

  • Stygean Quartermaster
  • Hooli the Black
  • Bloodlusted Loon
  • Linus the Woeful
  • Brigand Transient

Will now drop:

  •  Skyhidden Scroll Used to craft Lv.80 Armor | Weapons | at Shade's Embrace: Genesis
  •  Mindcrusher Claw Used to craft Lv.80 Robes | Ornaments at Shade's Embrace: Genesis


This will allow our players to break the chains and proceed their grind beyond Lv.40 and Royal gear. Reaching at last Lv.80 Gear, which will be in combination with Evolved Stones (+115 HP) a perfect Base to Farm:

  • TT (LV.99)
  • Nirvana (LV.100)
  • Rank 8 (Lv. 100)
  • Rank 9 (Lv.101) - Endgame


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