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Dungeon: Nirvana Palace

Nirvana Palace (Rebuild)

Nirvana Palace was changed in terms of Drops. The Dungeon structures stays the same, as well as the Bosses, their damage and percentage when it's about their spawn chance.


What is New?

Nirvana Palace Bosses will drop one of the following:

  •  3x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  4x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  5x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  6x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  7x Iceshard Coins (20%)

The other rewards Rapture Crystal and Uncanny Crystal remain the same and completely default in chances, amounts and Boss stats.

For more information about Nirvana Palace, how to enter and requirements please check out the following Guide: Nirvana Palace Guide

Reminder: You may enter/open Nirvana Palace with 3 players on Evolved PWI x2

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