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Rank 9 - PvE version

Rank 9 PvE Version


We have decided to implement a New Endgame concept, which should bring us all a LOT of more fun! In order spice it up a bit and introduce a completely new way of playing Perfect World, without going far away from the actual game concept. We would like to welcome you all to our PVE and PVP Gear concept, similar to World of Warcraft (in case you wonder how it will work)


Rank 9 PvE Part I

(Rank 9 and 8 PVE version):


  • We add a 2nd set of R9 and R8 gear in all known forges, which won't have ATK level or DEF level, instead it has Slaying and Warding level as well as 10% more Defense and HP

You can obtain the PVE version of Rank 9 after you have obtained your first craft of Rank 9 via the retail NPC Commander-in-chief at Thousand Streams. From there you can decide whether you want to upgrade your R9R1 gear to either the normal way (R9R2 - PVP) or to R9R2 - PvE version as shown below



Rank 9 Tabs:

The Weapon Tabs on Rank 9 and Rank 9 (PvE) were re-named to: 

PVP W. and PVE W.:

That way nobody has an excuse anymore about doing a mistake or a missclick.

Note: The Staff won't help you with your missclicks and overlooks, after this Patch. It's more than clear now what is what, aside of the fact that PvE weapon were colourized differently and called differently (Having PvE in their name) should've been already clear. 



Rank 9 PVE Set - Part II

Upgrading from Rank 9 to Rank 9 - 2nd Cast (PvE)

You can either decide to continue using this set (The normal one - PVP set) and upgrade it just as shown in https://pwi.gamepedia.com/PWpedia or you can use that Rank 9 (First cast) in order to upgrade it to Rank 9 - 2nd Cast PVP or 2nd Cast PVE set at the Commander-in-chief they can be identified by their Name tag, saying Rank 9 (PvE) 

  • Depending on your decision all other upgrades will be determined by the dependance of the previous items, that you have chosen
  • Optional: You can obtain 2 sets of Rank 9 (1st Cast) in Quest form (Daily) from Commander-in-chief and simply craft BOTH Rank 9 (2nd Cast) sets!

The Armor will give mostly PvE related Stats, which are useless in PvP



Uprading: Rank 9 R2 (PvE) to Rank 9 R3 (PvE)

It's pretty similar to the previous upgrade, since the farming is retail:

  • Do Warsong City (Min. requirement: 2 Squad members) and try to obtain:
    • Offensive Essence
    • Defensive Essence
    • Basic Badges
    • Required: Mold
  • Use your Rank 9 (2nd Cast) - PvE Armor, Weapon and Belt in order to Re-Forge the upgrade: Rank 9 - 3rd Cast (PvE)

You may craft the new (PvE) set at the new Forge: Peerless Forge (PvE), which is located in Warsong City, near the original Forge. As shown below:




Extra: Rank 9 Weapons

(Never released - Official)

We have always wondered, why classes like BM or Archer never got their full spectrum of different weapons, that actually are different in terms of mechanic, speed or function. Especially in the case of Blademaster, which skills are based upon 4 different weapon types:

  • Fists - Claws
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Axes (Available)

After checking our files, we noticed that these were were available, but never released due to other things being added to the classes, like Primal skills, which would have made Blademaster way too strong. Luckily, we don't have no broken Primal skills, and therefor no reason not to include the official Rank 9 Weapons!

Blademaster - Claws (4th Cast)

Blademaster - Spear (4th Cast)

Blademaster - Blade (4th Cast)

Archer - Sling (4th Cast)

Archer - Crossbow (4th Recast)


All new Rank 9 weapons are implemented in the same way, as all other Rank 9 Weapons and available in form of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Cast. Obtaining methods are retail and specific Molds were added to Warsong City.


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