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Rank 9: Requirements

Rank 9 - Requirements Guide


Rank 9 Guide


  • R9R4 is considered the End-Game gear and on Evolved PW we have 2 variations of it , we have a classic PvP version of the sets which gives Def/Att lvl and here we have the PvE version of the set which gives Slaying/Warding lvls. One important thing to note is that unlike Attack Level - Slaying Level has diminishing returns at one point (meaning that the more Slaying level you have the less effective adding more slaying level will be) so the End-Game for PvE version should look like Full Armor/Belt PvE set + PvP Weapon version, because with full armor set of r9r4 you kinda hit the limit on the worth of Slaying Level and at this point Attack Level becomes more important.


-I would like to show you how much will it cost you and how to get to r9r4

-So lets start with getting the 300k reputation that you will need first. The first way of getting the 300k rep is to get it at PW Boutique Agent for Perfect Tokens of Luck in ratio 8 Tokens for 1 Rep Badge that gives 25 reputation meaning you will need 96.000 Perfect Tokens of Luck to exchange for 12.000 Rep Badges that will give you 300k reputation. You can get the Perfect Tokens of Luck for Lucky Coins at Assistant Wang Tsai in ratio 1 Lucky Coin = 15 Tokens and you can get the Lucky Coins from opening packs.


-The other way is to of course buy 300k reputation with Cubi , and you can get it for 5 Cubi by buying from others players (Just ask in World Chat if anyone is selling 300k rep)


Rank 9

-So now you have gathered 300k rep so lets get your basic Rank9 gear, go to the Commander-in-Chief NPC , where you turned in Rep Badges and in quests you should have a quest for each piece of Rank9 gear you need. Here is which mats and how many of each you need:

         -For a full Rank9 you will need Medals of Glory (MoG) 19 (Each goes for around 180-200mil) + General Summer's Token (GST) 205 (Each goes for around 9-11mil)

             -Weapon: 85 GST + 5 MoG

             -Belt: 32 GST + 3 MoG

             -Ring: 32 GST + 3 MoG

             -Boots: 14 GST + 2 MoG

             -Gloves: 14 GST  + 2 MoG

             -Robe: 14 GST + 2 MoG 

             -Pants: 14 GST + 2 MoG


Rank 9 Recast 2

  • For Rank 9 Recast 2 (R9R2) at the NPC Commander-in-Chief you will have a tab "Rank 9 Gear Upgrade" , there you can upgrade your basic Rank 9 gear into R9R2  either PvE or PvP option with Summerwind Tokens (ST). You can get Summerwind Tokens (ST) at Celestial General (@129, 855) NPC located in 1k next to Commander-in-Chief, you can exchange either:

           -500 Wedding Candy for 1 Summerwind Token 

           -1200 Uncanny Crystals + 300 Rapture Crystals for 1 Summerwind Token

           -The third option is always to buy Summerwind Tokens from other players for coins/cubi (they go for around 140mil each) or use the EG you get from dailies and voting. 

-For a full R9R2 set you will need 9 Summerwind Tokens in total

             -Weapon: 4x ST

             -Belt: 1x ST

             -Boots: 1x ST

             -Gloves: 1x ST

             -Robe: 1x ST

             -Pants: 1x ST 


Rank 9 Recast 3

-Now for Rank 9 Recast 3 (R9R3) you will have to start farming Lunar and Warsong and the forges (Peerless Forge) for upgrading from R9R2 to R9R3 are located in those instances.

 You will need Basic Badge x210 (farm) + Essence of Defense (EoD) x20 (Each goes around 10-15mil) + Essence of Offence (EoO) x 4 (Each goes around 200mil) + Rank 9 Mold for each of the pieces of gear (The price depends on the piece and how rare the drop is but the weapons are the most expensive with the weapon for sin going for an amazing 25 cubi)**

Now the problem with Basic Badges is that they are not tradeable and you cannot buy them in the boutique shop unless you donated money to the server, they have to be farmed.

  • For a full R9R3 you will need

           -Weapon: Mold + 4 EoO + 60 Basic Badges

           -Belt: Mold + 4 EoD + 30 Basic Badges

           -Boots: Mold + 4 EoD + 30 Basic Badges

           -Gloves: Mold + 4 EoD + 30 Basic Badges

           -Robe: Mold + 4 EoD + 30 Basic Badges

           -Pants: Mold + 4 EoD + 30 Basic Badges


!Note: Every single one of these mats can be farmed in WS/Lunar pretty fast.



Rank 9 Recast 4 (End-Game)

  • We are at the End-Game point of gearing up, and unlike other R9 Recasts , R9R4 can be obtained in 2 ways at the forges in the North Arch.

First way of course is to upgrade your R9R3 -> R9R4 and for that you will need mats which you can obtain for Event Gold (EG) in the boutique. You will need Orichalcum Ore x100 + Wishalloy Bar x40 + Adamantine Powder x1300 + Quadium Crystal x10.

                  -For a full R9R4 you will need

                         -Weapon: 100x Orichalcum Ore + 500x Adamantine Powder

                         -Belt: 10x Quadium Crystal

                         -Boots: 10x Wishalloy Bar + 200 Adamantine Powder

                         -Gloves: 10x Wishalloy Bar + 200 Adamantine Powder

                         -Robe: 10x Wishalloy Bar + 200 Adamantine Powder

                         -Pants: 10x Wishalloy Bar + 200 Adamantine Powder     


Second way is a more expensive one but you can actually upgrade your R9R2 directly to R9R4 and for that you would need 1115x Sovereign's Seal + 46x Orihalcum. You can make both for Supply Tokens at Cauldron of Contemplation as in 1x Sovereign's Seal = 500 Supply Tokens + 5mil coins and 1x Orihalcum = 250 Supply Tokens + 10 mil coins or you can buy Sovereign's Seals from people at prices between 16.5-19mil each.

  • For a full R9R4 you will need

                         -Weapon: 578x Sovereign's Seal + 36 Orichalcum

                         -Belt: 117x Sovereign's Seal + 6 Orichalcum

                         -Boots: 80x Sovereign's Seal + 1 Orichalcum

                         -Gloves: 80x Sovereign's Seal + 1 Orichalcum

                         -Robe: 80x Sovereign's Seal + 1 Orichalcum

                         -Pants: 80x Sovereign's Seal + 1 Orichalcum


Credits: Made by @Zenetix (Discord tag)

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