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Rune System

Rune System


The Rune system is exclusive to Evolved PWI. Its based on Weapon Buffs (Passive and Active), which can be attached to your weapons for a certain period of time.

How to farm

You can obtain the new Runes by doing Icebound Underworld (Guide), which is modified to drop aside of Glyph Packs also Rune items.
The runes are divided into 4 types:

  • Rare Runes - Duration 5 Minutes = Obtained from Icebound Underworld Solo mode
  • Epic Runes - Duration 15 Minutes = Obtained from Icebound Underworld Solo mode
  • Legendary Runes - Duration 30 Minutes = Obtained from Icebound Underworld Solo mode
  • Perfect Runes - Duration 60 Minutes = Obtained from Icebound Underworld Squad mode

Runes are separated into 2 categories:

  • Offensive - They are triggered by attacking your opponent
  • Defensive - They are triggered by being attacked by your opponent


Where to craft

You can craft the NEW runes at Runes Merchant - 528 661 Coordinates at West Archosaur City.


Squad vs Solo - Icebound Underworld

Rare, Epic and Legendary Runes can be obtained by doing Icebound Underworld Solo runs. 

Perfect Runes (Perfector item) can only be obtained by doing Icebound Underworld Squad runs, and its necessary to have the Quest: Underworld Journey as the main rewarding Source.

The pack in the Underworld Journey quest can either give you:

  • Rune Fragment - 60%
  • Rune Perfector - 40% 



Important Information

As pre-announced, stacking 2 identical buffs WON'T work, we've beside the sheer technicality, also ensured within the Code, that it's not possible. Everything somebody might bring forward will be sheer placebo. 

The Runes work only on Weapons with G16 or higher.

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