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Solo Gameplay

Solo Gameplay


You don't want to relay on a Squad? You are usually always playing alone? Then you should check out our Oracle System


Oracles Lv.1

First you should check the official Oracle System under the following Link:

Oracles (Guide)

These Books are fairly easy farmed and will attach to your character always a Quest, depending on the Oracle you have obtained. Each oracle Gives a certain amount of EXP, Spirit and Coins:


Oracle I

  • Requisite Lv.:30
  • Target: Striped Spider King(1)
  • Reward: 16200 Silver Coins, 26000 EXP, 6000 Spirit. 


Oracle II

  • Requisite Lv.:35
  • Target: Wicked Pirate(1)
  • Reward: 18500 Silver Coins, 30000 EXP, 7000 Spirit.


Oracle III

  • Requisite Lv.:40
  • Target: Mythical Wolfkin(1)
  • Reward: 20000 Silver Coins, 36000 EXP, 8000 Spirit 


Oracle IV

  • Requisite Lv.:45
  • Target: Devourer of the Sky(1)
  • Reward: 24000 Silver Coins, 40000 EXP, 9000 Spirit


Oracle V

  • Requisite Lv.:50
  • Target: Bloodlust Feligar(1)
  • Reward: 26000 Silver Coins, 44000 EXP, 10000 Spirit.


Oracle VI

  • Requisite Lv.:55
  • Target: Aerox Divebomber(1)
  • Reward: 28000 Silver Coins, 48000 EXP, 11000 Spirit 


Oracle VII

  • Requisite Lv.:60
  • Target: Sori Dualhammer(1)
  • Reward: 32000 Silver Coins, 54000 EXP, 12000 Spirit


Oracle VIII

  • Requisite Lv.:65
  • Target: Wicked Yayan(1)
  • Reward: 34000 Silver Coins, 58000 EXP, 13000 Spirit 


Oracle IX

  • Requisite Lv.:70
  • Target: Eidomas General(1)
  • Reward: 36000 Silver Coins, 62000 EXP, 14000 Spirit.


Oracle X

  • Requisite Lv.:75
  • Target: White Pheasant(1)
  • Reward: 40000 Silver Coins, 66000 EXP, 15000 Spirit.


Oracle XI

  • Requisite Lv.:80
  • Target: Grinning Cougaret(1)
  • Reward: 42000 Silver Coins, 72000 EXP, 16000 Spirit.


Oracle XII

  • Requisite Lv.:85
  • Target: Acephalid Blade Major(1)
  • Reward: 44000 Silver Coins, 76000 EXP, 17000 Spirit.



Oracles Lv.2








This is a whole new Solo Play experience, as we have decided to extend our current Oracle System by adding:

  • Oracle Lv.2 System

This system is based on the previous Oracles, requiring the same Quests to be finished in order to receive: Coins, Experience Points and Spirit Points

Unlike the previous Oracles, which are x2, our new Oracles will reward you the following:

  • Coins x4
  • Experience Points x4
  • Spirit Points x4

And will require a completely new Item called:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck

How to obtain the Token will be described in the additions below!


Temple of the Dragon

(Oracle Version)

The event is available to players level 30 and above. You can enter the event through any Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup, which can be found in any major city. The event takes place underwater, and anyone who dies in this event is teleported back to the starting point, a small safe zone platform, with no Exp loss or item drops.

Official Guide: Temple of the Dragon - Guide


You can exit the Dragon Temple by taking the "Leave the Palace" quest from the Dragon Temple Events Agent, located on the starting platform. If you have any Moonwater Keys, you should sell them to the Events Agent or to another player before leaving, since they vanish when you exit the instance. 


  • Temple of the Dragon Treasure Chests will have a chance to reward you with a  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 

Which is used for the New Oracles Lv.2 

The Automated Event will occure in the following Schedule:

  • Tuesday: 08:00 - 12:00 PM Server time



Twilight Temple

(Oracle version)

Twilight Temple has now a Leveling mechanic added to it. It's closely linked to the New Oracles Lv.2 and will work as follows:

  • The main Reward of Twilight Temple:  Twilight Essence

Which was added in one of the previous Patches (For more information click: Here) will now be used  to also craft 2 completely new Items:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 
  • Coins Chest (contains: 1.000.000 coins)

Available at the Twilight Forge: Materials




City of Abomination

(Oracle Version)

When it opens players have 10 minutes to enter via. the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup, and the entry fee is 20k. There is a limit to how many people can enter, like Dragon Temple, and only level 50+ are able to enter. It is not a PK instance however, and there are four different instances (all of which have identical mobs/rooms). Those instances are Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, and Tortoise. If you die in the instance you are revived in the same instance at a random corner. If you disconnect, you're kicked out without a refund.

For more information of the Event, you can check out the official Guide: City of Abomiantion - Guide


The mobs drop Astral Orbs, which you can trade for prizes.

The Astral Orbs can be used in order to craft the following items (Beside the retail ones):

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 
  • Coins Chest (contains: 1.000.000 coins)


At the Dark Messenger inside the Dungeon

The Dungeon will start at the following schedule:

  • Wednesday: 08:50 PM - 09:00 PM




Cube of Fate

(Oracle version)


Cube of Fates will reward at the finish of Room 50. Beside the retail Rewards (Which will still be available), the following item:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck x12


Used in order to Craft the New Oracles (Lv.2)


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