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Territory War - New ruling

Territory War - New ruling


What's considered a "Guild/Faction"?

  • A real guild is based on minimum 10 unique players, that are not alts of existing chars within another Guild/Faction
  • You may only request a Guild icon if your Guild consists of 10 Unique players.
  • Unique players are determined by IP or PC serial key (visible to the Staff of Evolved, in case you are more individual people playing under the same IP), which are unique to everyone


When is a guild considered an alt Guild/Faction?

  • When all members within a guild are also alts within another guild. That guild is then based on the same people on different characters/classes

Are Alt guilds forbidden?

  • No, they aren't. However, they might be allowed to exist, but they are prohibited from participating in Territory War battles, bidding or any other form or method/way that is part of Territory War


How long do you have to be in a guild to participate TW?

  • Currently its: 100hours

Can we bid as a regular Guild and simply don't show up to the fight?

  • No, not showing up to a fight, after bidding on a land is bannable


This guide will be constantly updated and perfected, until the community is fully satisfied. 


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