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Update Version 13

Update Version 13

This patch is just another preparation for the Glyph patch including a bunch of tweaks on the server/client side, which are irrelevant for the players as they do currently nothing, but are required for the upcoming update. 

However, this update will include the following changes/additions/tweaks:


New Player - Enhancement

  • Enhanced the following Armor sets, in order to make the server even more newbie-friendly:
    • Lv.1 Sets: Sirius (Set), Halo (Set), Corona (Set) - These items are obtained in Celestial Vale from Blacksmith, Apothecary, Tailor NPCs and will now give a combined addition of:
      • Armor Set = 20 Warding
      • Weapon = 20 Slaying
      • Ornaments = 3 Warding / 3 Slaying
    • Lv.10/20/30/40 Dreamchaser Token Armor Sets and Weapon - These items are obtained through Unique Rewards (Golden Chest Icon) and will now give a combined addition of: 
      • Armor Set = 20 Warding
      • Weapon = 20 Slaying
    • Lv.55 Genesis Armor - These items are obtained by doing Coming of Age: Quest Lines and  will now give a combined addition of:
      • Armor Set = 30 Warding
      • Weapon = +15 Extra Slaying


Soulripper: Null (Quest)

  • This Quest was re-worked to only require 1 player completing it. You won't relay on an alt anymore

Broadcast Chat (Items)

  • Many items were removed from the Broadcast Chat (Red chat) as a decent amount of players raised their voice against the constant announcing of several items popping up. We have removed items such as Diamond of Tiger, Medal of Glory and other stuff. Keeping only the rare items to the Broadcast.


Other Changes:

  • Triumph Money stack was increased from 100 to 99999
  • Reverted the Valentines Special exclusive Beast forms (Venomancer - Barbarian)
  • Added requested custom Titles
  • Updated Guild Icons
  • Changed all Spirit (MP) charms cooldowns to 5 seconds
  • Added option to teleport outside the Events Dungeon
  • Politician, Noble, Minister, Duke and Royal Weapons can now be sold, beside the exchange to Assistant Wang Tsai

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