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Update Version 19

Update Version 19



After such a huge patch, bugs are to be expected. Luckily all the bugs we seen so far are minor things and nothing really crucial has revealed itself.

Here is a list of fixed things:

  • Macros fixed, so the player won't auto-attack inbetween the casts
  • Reversed Distance Shrink on Wizard (Demon/Sage) to default effect, now that Homestead version is available and needed
  • Fixed wrong descriptions on few skills, that were reported
  • Teleport Points in Neverfall will work now
  • Fixed all chat related issues
  • Harbor Guard Pierre auto-path was added
  • Added a button to hide the Casting preview of enemy skills
  • Removed the "Disable NPC zoom" button since its completely removed
  • Items displayed as "Wrong item" when on the ground, but fully functional when picked up are also fixed to display the proper name
  • Fixed the Cultivation Dialogue for "Last Word" you may proceed the Questing on it
    • This is the case for all Quests with longer Dialogues (important)
  • Fixed Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint requirements as displayed on our recent guides
  • TW map is now empty - Enjoy Season: 5
  • Fixed Magnier of Darkness daily Quest in Neverfall (You must kill the Vampires)
  • Fixed Warsong City Mobs you can defend now Pavilions
  • Added Demon/Sage Vital Herb and Healing Herb to the Cubi and EG shop Book packs
  • Added Demon/Sage Vital Herb and Healing Herb as a droppable book to Century Golden Toad in Flowsilver Palace
  • Pets are disabled in Icebound Underworld temporary
  • Enabled Leaps in UDC, MM again - was temporary only and unintended
  • Uncharted Paradise will now function as explained in the original notes. Letting you swap out people, that did it or couldnt teleport for various other reasons
  • Added direction Arrows to Icebound Underworld, so people know where to go in order to reach the Bosses
  • All Cultivation unnecessary (Pink) Quests were disabled, as originally planned

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