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Update Version 22

Patch Notes: V22


Technical changes:

New Host:

The US - 2 Host was successfully linked to our Host-system, that way the destribution of the big US community base will be evenly done granting a more reliable and overall smooth gameplay




Heavenfall Temple (Update)



Heavenfall Temple is a solo dungeon. Players can only enter the temple alone and cannot take other players with them, even if they are in a squad. It is located in Lothranis and is accessible through Heavenly Music Pavilion (434, 472 ↑43) or through any Illusion Stone in Archosaur for a coins fee. Upon entering, the player will lose any buffs or debuffs they may have.

When the player meets the prerequisites to enter the temple they will receive a quest to receive further information from the Bodhisattva of Light located outside of the temple, though they do not need to speak with her to enter.


Heavenfall Temple Rooms:

Heavenfall Temple consists of 108 repeating rooms that increase in difficulty as the player progresses. The levels are separated into 6 Ascensions, where each half consists of 8 normal levels and 1 boss level. The order of normal levels that the player encounters is random but they will encounter each type of normal level at least once before a boss level.


The dungeon resets every Wednesday at 7am server time. All previous progress through the 108 levels will be lost, including buff points. Players can redo the levels after the dungeon has reset for more prizes.


Guardian Charms are disabled inside the dungeon and therefore will not replenish Health, due to the unique buffs the temple has. Spirit Charms function normally inside the dungeon. If the player dies in the temple, they will not lose any experience but will automatically fail the level they are on.


Many of the levels use higher-quality graphics, therefore it is recommended that the player ensures their effects are not turned down to the minimum setting.


Heavenfall Temple (Changes):

At the 108th room, you will be able to choose 2 reward Cards, each of those cards contains, aside of the original item, a Color Name Ticket which can be used at Heavenly Music Pavilion or Assistant Wang Tsai. 

The Ticket:

This Ticket can be exchange for a Trial Colorname - Duration: 7 Days




Other changes:


All Nimbus Flights (All class Flights) were fixed and can be previewed now


World Bosses:

All World-Bosses, that were affected by a global change in our mainfiles (A mechanic that identifies potential errors and automatically fixes them), were fixed now and should work properly again



The server-time was changed back to it's original time. Sorry for that little issue, it occured because of the Host change



Celestial Tigers:


The Celestial Tiger Event is a Public Quest event

In order to participate, you must be level 30 or higher.



You will need at least 4,000 Contribution Points in order to receive any prizes, and you must hand in the Celestial Tigers quest at any mailbox within 5 minutes of the Celestial Tigers dying.


The reward that you receive depends on how many Contribution Points you earned during the event. As with every other Public Event, prizes are given based on rankings. Each class is ranked, meaning that there are a total of 12 people who will receive the 1st prize. There are a total of 6 tiers that determine the player's reward:

The precise rewards can be found here: PWdatabase

Main Reward: Demon/Sage Event Card -  Will reward you with 2.5 Event Gold, chance depends on the pack value



Bug fixes:

Replaced the current, seemingly more up-to date, Skill descriptions with a Skill description plate that fits the version 1.5.5 (The one we have), which should sort out issues regards some of the skills claiming to do certain things, which they never did on v. 1.5.5

Removed the Christmas reward from Cube of Fate completion

Fixed the Description on Nephrite of Steady Defense and Devinity Stone

Other minor fixes that were reported to the Bug-Report Channel on Discord


Shop Changes:

Auras and Wings were added to the Event shop for 80 Event Gold, they will last: 30 Days (Trial)

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