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Update Version 22

Update Version 22


Ragnarok Event

The Ragnarok event has officially ended. We hope, that you enjoyed the yearly event on Evolved PWI 1.5.7. There will be soon more!


  • Reverted the drops for Iceshard Coin from Nirvana bosses
  • Added a new quest that auto attaches when you enter Nirvana Palace to kill Vanished Ancestor rewards 5x level 1 Glyphs and can be done 10 times per day - assuring everyone gets rewarded in the Squad
  • Entrance to Nirvana has been reduced from 3-6 to 2-6 players to require
  • Fixed the description on activating TT 3 modes about asking a Squad to activate it
  • Rare occurring crash when doing Glyph growth was fixed
  • Skills doing paralyze (stun) were properly adjusted to be faith-able (Genie skill: Faith)
  • Gearswap won't longer remove your weapon from the slot when a buff is applied to it (Runes included)
  • Barbarian Skill: Raging Slap (Green Glyph) was adjusted to display proper range effect
  • Blademaster leaps have their times properly set and adjusted
  • Various skill descriptions corrected (The ones being reported)


  • Fixed the Seal: Broken Dreams title chain
  • Fixed the Seal: Shattered Cloud title chain

Official Title Guide

Note: All Seal: Titles should now be available

  • Removed the gloves from the reported Auras/Wings Fashion
  • Fixed UP Quest Chain to kill Lord of Paradise
  • New UP quest Lord of Paradise! AGAIN?! from now on will need to talk with Elder Events: Giver in order to complete the Quest and get the reward
  • Fixed DB Ultimate Skills Client crashes
  • Fixed various reported skills
  • Icebound Underworld Squad Bosses have been nerfed
  • Constellation Arc was fixed properly
  • Reclusive Elder was added at the end of Uncharted Paradise, for those finishing their cultivation part in it
  • Reduced Changeling Commander Haspon (Boss in Neverfall) cooldown from 1 hour to 10 minutes

Weapon Fashion

Adjusted some Event Scythes position

  • Summer Divinity
  • Anniversary Scythe
  • Herald of Hell Scythe
  • Heavenly Archon Scythe

New Host

We have added a new Host:

  • Host: Indonesia Added



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