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Update Version 23


Valentines special - Patch V23


We might be late on this one, but we decided to still have a special patch for all the loving ones!

Evolved's Valentines event, is mainly for couples - married players. We are hoping that it will cause a lot of players to do the final step, and confess their love to each other, fighting afterwards side by side against the various Bosses specially chosen for the Valentines Special


Preview: Valentines - Weapon Fashion


How to participate in "Evolved - Valentines special"?


  • The main condition for all Quests is to be Married
  • The 2nd condition is to be in a squad with your Wife or Husband

All Quests are located at the NPC "Eldest Match Maker" in Archosaur West. (Coordinates: 523 656)

The quests are strictly requiring the couple to kill certain Bosses, displayed in the Quests:

  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Farren Sereneti 
  2. Calcid of the Flame 
  3. Hercule Trioc 

Reward: Valentine Chest x 1 (which will randomly drop 1 of the following: Rose, Red Wine or Chocolate)

  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Fushma - Hexocelot Lieutenant 
  2. Rankar - Ferocious Ironskin 
  3. Fallen Warmonk

Reward: Valentine Chest x 1

  • Quest: Kill:
  1. Zimo 
  2. Ofotis 
  3. Qianji

Reward -Valentine Chest x 1

  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Raving Drake Brute 
  2. Gluttonix 

Reward -Valentine Chest x 1

  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Resentful Pyrosteosis
  2. Damned Gaurnob 
  3. Cenequus Polearm 

Reward: Valentine Chest x 1

  • Quest: Kill:
  1. Stygean Quartermaster 
  2. Bloodlusted Loon 
  3. Brigand Transient

Reward: Valentine Chest x 1

The Eldest Matchmaker will reward you with unique and Valentines Special only Weapon Fashions, which are designed in a Romantic Theme.

Aside of the Quest you may also get a very unique Skill, that is only useful for Married players!

  • Lover's Connection



Cubi Trading System


We are glad to announce, that we have made something possible, that you all wished for a long time, and a lot Perfect World players wished for nearly 10 years now.

We managed to re-work the function of Cubi Gold and that way made it not only function like Event Gold Boxes, but also trade-able!

Yes you heard right, after the next Patch, you will be able to trade Cubi with your friends, to Gift Cubi to your friends and overall use Cubi Gold as a fully functional Trading Item!

The GIF below will display how it works, but it's quite selfexplaining. The Cubi Gold is available as 1x Cubi Gold10x Cubi Gold and 100x Cubi Gold Boxes, which can be purchased and then simply traded for other goods and then very easily, by right clicking, added back to the Shop of the Gold Box owner.

How the system works:



Rank 9 Weapons

(Never released - Official)

We have always wondered, why classes like BM or Archer never got their full spectrum of different weapons, that actually are different in terms of mechanic, speed or function. Especially in the case of Blademaster, which skills are based upon 4 different weapon types:

  • Fists - Claws
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Axes (Available)

After checking our files, we noticed that these were were available, but never released due to other things being added to the classes, like Primal skills, which would have made Blademaster way too strong. Luckily, we don't have no broken Primal skills, and therefor no reason not to include the official Rank 9 Weapons!

Blademaster - Claws (4th Cast)

Blademaster - Spear (4th Cast)

Blademaster - Blade (4th Cast)

Archer - Sling (4th Cast)

Archer - Crossbow (4th Recast)


All new Rank 9 weapons are implemented in the same way, as all other Rank 9 Weapons and available in form of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Cast. Obtaining methods are retail and specific Molds were added to Warsong City.


Class Optimisation


Please read carefully: These changes are based on observation from our side as well as the playerbase and all their suggestions made during the last couple of Months. We have decided to approach the PVP balance on our own unique way and will start making direct changes to classes which will remain - Temproray for each Patch.

Depending on the performance after the Patch and everyones feedback we will then decided whether to keep certain changes or revert them to their original state! Depending on the feedback from our community, we will either move towards this direction or drop it completely.


These are the First - New temporary skill changes:

  • Barbarian


Mighty Swing:

If the Stun succeeds it will also freeze the Target. If the Stun fails, it will still Freeze the Target

Penetrate Armor

Has no Chi cost anymore

Bestial Onslaught 

Won't have it's channelling time increased


Has no Chi cost anymore

Beast King's Inspiration

The HP buff is now 40% 



Mighty Swing:

If the Stun succeeds it will also freeze the Target. If the Stun fails, it will still Freeze the Target

Penetrate Armor

Has no Chi cost


Has chi cost reduced to 15


  • Blademaster


Stream strike

Chi cost was removed and the cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds

Tiger Maw

It will now have a 100% chance to generate 20 Chi

Highland Cleave

Has now a 50% chance to get 20% Critical Rate over trhe next 10 seconds

Drake Bash

The stun was turned into the Occult Ice stun for an easier stunlock and CC.



Stream Strike

Has no CHI cost anymore

Spirit Chaser

Has now a 60% chance to generate 20 CHI

Drake Bash

The stun was turned into the Occult Ice stun for an easier stunlock and CC.


  • Wizard


Divine Pyrogram

Channelling reduced to 1.5 seconds


Has now a 50% chance to generate 30 CHI

Wellspring Quaff

Increases Magic attack now by 205%

Force of Will

Cast time was reduced to 1.6 seconds

Black Ice Dragon Strike

Channeling was reduced to 3 seconds

Mountain's Seize 

Channelling was reduced to 4 seconds

Blade Tempest 

Channelling was reduced to 3 seconds



Force of Will

Cast time was reduced to 1.6 seconds


  • Archer


Frost Arrow

CHI Cost was removed

Stunning Arrow

Has now a 100% chance to stun




Chance to get increased attack rate was increased to 100% but the cooldown was increased to 10 seconds

Frost Arrow

CHI cost was removed

Stunning Arrow

Has now a 100% chance to stun


  • Duskblade

Slash of Pride

The Disarm effect was removed

Note: There is no Disarm effect on that skill - Source: PWpedia

Reminder: The stun of 1 second, is so fast that it doesn't have no animation but it actually makes the Target unable to move for 1 second (Default Mechanic)

Umbral Stalker

The cooldown was increased to 300 seconds

Note: It never was 90 seconds but 300 seconds - Source: PWpedia


  • Cleric

We have added Jone's - O'Malley - CT Blessings to the PW Boutique Agent with +4000 Mana addition. These blessings are restricted to Cleric and will require the previous blessings in order to be crafted


  • Genie

The Skill - Faith

It will now dispel - Remove Knockdown Stun/Paralyze


Term meaning: 

  • Disarm - Player loses the ability to weild a Weapon for certain amount of time
  • Knockdown - Paralyze - Target can't do anything, nor remove it except with immunity (DB stun)
  • Freeze - Target can't move, but can heal, cast skills and attack
  • Cast time - The time the animation takes to finish
  • Channelling time - The time it requires to cast a skill
  • Cooldown - The period of time a skill is unavailable
  • Dispel - Removes an unwanted debuff


Molten Mines 2.0

We have adjusted the Molten Mines Bosses, which will be a LOT more challenging than before. Their stats remained the same, but their mechanics and buffing/debuffing was re-worked completely. 

This Dungeon will require a lot of testing until a final decision can be made regards the Box, which can drop 1 of X random items. Depending on the current difficulty Level of the Dungeon, the Box rewards will also increase. 

The farming for Tomes, Titles will remain the same.


Note: Report all kind of suggestions or recommendation, as well as Bugs directly to Raven or BeasT



Other Changes


  • Quest Log

We have increased the Quest log from 20 slots to 60 slot to everyone (For free)


  • W.Waistband Inscription Pack

Will now reward the proper item


  • Cubi Shop

Audacity Pack will now longer teleport you to Molten Mines

Entrampment Skill was removed from the Shop

The Weekly and Monthly obtainable items were fixed, and will work now properly. These items can be obtained only by 1 character per account

Homestead Items that were duplicated, were removed


  • PW Boutique Agent

Was added to it's original coordinates in Celestial Vale (Starting Area)


  • Primal and Morai

Their original Music soundtracks were added to these instances


  • Purify - Add on

The Weapon Buff Purify was fixed on all R9R3 weapons, and will now have it's standardized chance to trigger

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