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Update Version 26

Update Version 24-26



  • Reduced the Height of the monsters: Salamando Maiden, Salamando Undine, Undine of the Hearth Hearth Witch, Hearth Queen, Syren Undine to ~66
  • Cosmic Lion Lord (Mount) speed has been increased to 14.00 m/s
  • Increased the amount of Invasion Mobs in every city
  • Soul Harvest event will be extended by another week (7 days) from its initial announcement/start
  • This Event fundament will be the blueprint for all other events in terms of CDs, Regions and Quantitiy
  • Reduced the cooldown of Invasion Mobs
  • Added Mobs in the following regions (Around the currently invaded Cities)

  • Added Harvester Event NPC to all major cities
  • Nerfed the Boss being part of Soul Hravest
  • Increased drop rates of the Soul Harvest Boss
  • Increased the drop on the Soul Harvest Boss from 5~10 to 10~15
  • Increased the Impossible task timer by 30 seconds
  • Removed Portable Chi Dummies from Game
  • Changed Watcher NPC Dummy to Mob Dummy
  • Fixed range attack for Wargod's Blade and Wargod's Poleblade
  • Earth Vector (Psychic Skill Glyphed) was adjusted on the Stun duration

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