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Update Version 27

Update Version 27


This is a rather small patch, which purpose is to end the: Soul Harvest Event. The Evolved Staff hopes, that you all enjoyed and acquired all items you wished from the Event. Stay tuned for more Events.


  • Soul Harvest - Event has ended. The NPC for exchanging goods for unique items will be still available in the Event Dungeon (Enter via Event Giver NPC)
  • Added 2 new requested Guild Banners
  • Increased Nether Canine mount m/s to 14
  • In case you are having issues with the "Master of Harmony" Quest make sure to DM Raven on Discord.
    • Note: Requests to fix that Quest will only function via Discord.
  • Adjusted the Conversion NPC (Textual description) to display the proper Cultivation required in order to converse (Celestial Saint)
  • Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint can't be trashed anymore, but will be re-acquireable until completed (Like every other Spiritual Cultivation). This fix should solve the issue of those that mistakenly trashed their spiritual Cultivation in Neverfall
  • Added a quite big amount of Female Fashion sets to the client side - Not available currently. We are doing this partially so the patch won't be too big like when we would've added them all at once. So expect the rest and their officiall release with the upcoming patches (2-3 Patches in total)!
  • Updated Guild icons

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