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Update Version 32

Update Version 32


The following reports were fixed:

  • Various Quests now functioning (Entering Morai/Primal world/Neverfall)
  • Cultivations - Players not being able to proceed cultivation Quests
  • The message "Server error. Pease relog" appearing to some users
  • Flowsilver Palace will reward you now the proper token (Prince/Princess)
  • Neverfall Dailies will now be available again
  • Bounty Hunt (Quests) should be trashed first and re-taken just in case. Should function properly now
  • Bounty Hunt quests that are displayed as 0/1 should be trashed and re-taken
  • Entering Endless Universe
  • Uncharted Paradise - You may now teleport from stage to stage
  • Various Cutscene were fixed during questing, which should re-enable a big chunk of quest and questchains
  • Treasure system interface - Isn't yet clear why its being displayed as never used to some players (That didn't use it before), but relogging should resolve it (Further fix in another patch)
  • Chromatic Beam (Elf Priest skill) should display now properly
  • All quests that had you stuck somewhere, should be able to be continued now
  • Entering OHT (Old Heavens Tears) wont cause a client crash
  • Colormask NPC was fixed
  • Various Client crashes, that were properly reported to us via the Bug Report window
  • Various reports on Discord, that were fixed as soon as they got reported
  • Faction Base Quests were fixed (Trash old ones if needed)
  • Faction Base conversion 10x Soldier's Pay to Pirmordial Blood will work again
  • Daily Quests should generally work agian
  • Digging the Chest in Eden near Phlebo will work again

Other changes:

  • Halloween Mobs (Invasion) increased in amount
  • Added Requested Titles 

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