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Update Version 9 (Multi - Core)

Update Version 9 (Multi - Core)


Territory War

Territory Wars - Season 4 has started.

The Territory War interface was modified, so it will from now on display what future Winners will receive at the end of the Season!

These rewards will begin from this Season: 4

Season Duration: 6 months


Arigora Shop

The Arigora shop has now fixed prices.  Good luck to everyone participate, don't forget Arigora is open 24/7 but you may only participate 5 times per day.


The Evolved Christmas special

We have now removed the snow and all decoration. See you for the next Christmas, we hope you enjoyed it!


Lost Names

By default PWI has set names, that were changed by an identity stone to remain "taken".  Which means, once your character was renamed by an identity stone, that previous name was forever gone. The only way previously to re-use a name was by character deletion. We have re-programmed that method to ALLOW re-gaining re-named chars!

You may now re-use the name of a char, once you have changed it by an identity stone. 


Character Names - Problematic Symbols

The symbol & is now prohibited from this patch, and characters from this patch on wont be able to create a name with the & symbol in it.

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