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Event: Celestial Tigers

Celestial Tiger Event

Celestial Tiger is the only Server | Global Event, that Perfect World currently has. We have analyzed the Event from all sides, up and down, left and right and decided, that it simply has to be changed and re-vamped.

The Event starts every Monday: at 20:00 PM server time. For more information check out the official Guide: Celestial Tiger (Guide)

Below you will find all customisations done to the original Event:

What's New?

The Ranking:

These rewards are for the first 6 players of each class.

The New Rewards:

1st  10 Event Gold
2nd  8 Event Gold
3rd  5 Event Gold
4th  3 Event Gold
5th  2 Event Gold
6th  1 Event Gold

These rewards are fixed, and will reward the Top 6 of each class participants by 100%.


The New Quests:


All 4 Quests have different Stages and will require completing different task, which are ONLY available during the Celestial Tiger Event:

Example (Delta Quest):

Quest Name



  • Delta I

Kill: 200 Tiger Minion: Delta

Pick 1 out of 6 Unique: Mounts


  • Delta II

Kill: 400 Tiger Minion: Delta

Pick 1 out of 3 Unique: Wing Fashion

(7 days Trial)


  • Delta III

Kill: 600 Tiger Minion: Delta

 x10 Event Gold

  • Delta IV

Kill: 800 Tiger Minion: Delta

Pick 1 out of 4 Unique:  Aura Fashion

(30 days Trial)


  • Delta V

Kill: 2000 Tiger Minion: Delta

 5 Cubi Gold

The Alpha, Delta, Bravo and Charlie Quests are Chain Quests, and will automatically continue when being completed

Note: All restrictions regard the Celestial Tiger Event remain intact. Restrictions like losing the Tiger Directive Quest when attempting to move from the World map and such, will still affect everyone in order to prevent exploits or bugs


You can Preview the Auras by clicking on this link:

Celestial Tigers - Auras / Wings Fashion (2021)

You can Preview the Mounts by clicking on this link:

Celestial Tigers - Mounts (2021)

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