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Constellation System

Constellation System



Introducing the Constellation System:

The Constellation system operates similarly to Glyphs but relies on RNG (Random Number Generation), emphasizing daily progression and the optimization of defensive and passive stats. Unlike Glyphs, which focus on skill enhancement, Constellation is geared towards refining defensive stats for optimal defense. This system complements the Title system introduced years ago, which primarily focused on offense rather than defense.


Brief overview

The Constellation System introduces a unique way to enhance your character's defensive and passive stats through the use of Constellation Orbs. These orbs can be crafted using Dragon Tokens and imbued into Star Spheres within your Constellation System interface. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining, crafting, and imbuing Constellation Orbs to optimize your character's defense.

System Overview: The Constellation System revolves around five key components:

  1. Star Spheres: These are the containers within the Constellation interface where Constellation Orbs are imbued.
  2. Constellation Orbs: Crafted using Dragon Tokens, these orbs provide randomized stats such as Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Health Points, and ATK/DEF Level.
  3. Dragon Tokens: Currency used to craft Constellation Orbs.
  4. Constellation Interface: Accessed through the Constellation item (Press CTRL + Mouse click on the item in your inventory, equipped)
  5. Shooting Star Refills: Allow refilling of the Shooting star bar and granting additional Star Sphere openings.


Dragon Shrine

Dragon Shrine Overview:

The Dragon Shrine serves as the central NPC for advancing your Constellation System. It features five tabs:

  1. Const. - Houses the Constellation Systems tailored to the 12 Classes.
  2. Useful - Includes tools such as the Constellation Destroyer and Small Star drop.
  3. Heavy - Offers Star Orbs designed for Heavy Armor users.
  4. Light - Provides Star Orbs suitable for Light Armor users.
  5. Arcane - Presents Star Orbs tailored for Arcane Armor users.


Constellation (Class)

To acquire the Constellation system tailored to your class, you'll need to venture into Dragon's Cove and craft it using Dragon Tokens. Each Constellation System can be crafted infinitely, with each one randomly bestowing one out of nine newly created, custom skills. Therefore, it's essential to ensure satisfaction with the imbued skill before proceeding to fill it up with Star Orbs.

To prevent errors and miscrafts, Constellation Systems are exclusively craftable by your class. Attempting to craft the wrong system will trigger a pop-up warning message, preventing any mistakes.

[Insert Constellation icon image]

To access the Constellation System, hold CTRL on your keyboard and click on its icon. Within the menu, you'll discover four Animal Constellations, each consisting of seven Star Spheres. Each star can be infused with its own Star Orb. Stars can also be reset if you're unsatisfied with the stats of the current Star Orb and wish to replace it with another.

Upon obtaining your Constellation system, the Star Spheres are initially closed and must be opened. You can attempt to open one Star Sphere daily or use Small Star drop and other items dropped by Dragon's Cove bosses to open multiple Spheres.





Opening Star Spheres (Useful Tab):

You will receive 1 free daily attempt of opening of a Star Sphere of your choice. (50% to fail)

This tab features two items: the Constellation Destroyer and Small Star drop.

The Constellation Destroyer is utilized to reset occupied or imbued Star Spheres. If you're dissatisfied with the current stats within a Star, you can reset it using this item. Note: Resetting will completely remove the previously imbued Orb, so exercise caution as you won't be able to revert it, only replace it with a different Orb, for better or worse.

Small Star drop can be used to fill the Star Sphere bar in your Constellation Menu, granting you an additional Star Sphere opening. To do so, drag the Small Star drop item onto your Constellation Menu's Shooting Star Bar.

After opening your Star Sphere, you can imbue it with a Star Orb crafted from the Dragon Shrine. To proceed to the next Star Sphere, you must follow the graphical pattern of the Constellation Animal.


Constellation Orbs (Heavy, Light, Arcane)

These orbs can be crafted using Dragon Tokens and will provide you with randomized stats based on the type of orb:

  • The Azure Dragon: X ~ Y Physical Defense
  • The Black Tortoise : X ~ Y Magic Defense
  • The White Tiger: X ~ Y Health Points
  • The Vermilion Bird: X ~ Y ATK/DEF Level

To imbue your Star Sphere with a Constellation Orb, simply drag the orb from your inventory into the open Star Sphere. The stats on the Constellation Orbs are randomized upon crafting, so you'll always know the potential stats your orb can offer when imbued into an open Star Sphere.

If you're satisfied with the stats of your orb, you can now drag it onto its appropriate Star Sphere (imbued).

Completed Constellation

Each Constellation Animal will have their own Bonus stat when being completed:

  • The Azure Dragon +100 Spirit
  • The Black Tortoise +5% Maximum Health
  • The White Tiger  +0.20 Movement Speed
  • The Vermilion Bird +100 Spirit



Once a Constellation System is completed and all Star Spheres are imbued with Star orbs, you will be able to make use of the new Skill unlocked in the center.

These skill are all randomized upon crafting the Constellation item itself. In order to reveal which skill you got, just equip the Constellation System.

The following 9 Skills can be obtained:

  1. Hypercharge - Increases your attack speed by 30%,
    your movement speed by 35%,
    and your channeling speed by 35%.
    Lasts for 10.0 seconds.
  2. Water Resistance - Makes you immune to Water damage for 11 seconds.
  3. Fire Resistance - Makes you immune to Fire damage for 11 seconds.
  4. Metal Resistance - Makes you immune to Metal damage for 11 seconds.
  5. Earth Resistance - Makes you immune to Earth damage for 11 seconds.
  6. Wood Resistance - Makes you immune to Wood damage for 11 seconds.
  7. All-In - Lowers your Defense and Spell Resistance and increases your Attack Level.
    The more Defense and Spell Resistance are reduced, the more Attack level will be increased.Reduces Defense and Resistance by 100% gear value.Increases Attack level by 20.
    Lasts for 11 secs.
  8. Air Flow - Increases your Flight speed by 65% for 11 seconds.
    Can only be used in Air.
  9. Speed-Force - Increases the movement speed for yourself to the max. for 11 seconds.



Constellation Maximum Stat-gain

A fully Star Orb imbued and completely maximized (RNG based) Constellation system may give the following stats, depending on the Armor type of the Class:


Heavy Type:

White Tiger: +4480 Health

Azure Dragon: +5390 Physical Defense

Black Tortoise: +3290 Magical Defense

Red Vermilion Bird: +14 ATK level  OR +14 DEF level (Or a combination)

Global: 1 out of 9 unique Skills


Arcane Type:

White Tiger: +3500 Health

Azure Dragon: +1610 Physical Defense

Black Tortoise: +5600 Magical Defense

Red Vermilion Bird: +14 ATK level  OR +14 DEF level (Or a combination)

Global: 1 out of 9 unique Skills


Light Type:


White Tiger: +3850 Health

Azure Dragon: +3080 Physical Defense

Black Tortoise: +4900 Magical Defense

Red Vermilion Bird: +14 ATK level  OR +14 DEF level (Or a combination)

Global: 1 out of 9 unique Skills


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