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Dragon's Cove (Guide)

Dragon's Cove (Guide)

Constellation Completion




Dragon's Cove represents Evolved PWI's innovative custom dungeon experience, designed to challenge even the most elite players and serve as a pivotal means to obtain and complete your Constellations.


Key Points to Remember (Brief Overview):
  • Access Dragon's Cove via the new Dragon Shrine NPC located in Archosaur West at coordinates 524, 663.
  • This dungeon operates on a squad-based system, highly recommending a minimum of 9 players, ideally 10, for optimal completion. However, attempting it with fewer players is possible but will present a significantly tougher challenge, if not deemed impossible. So, we invite you to take on the challenge! The fewer players required, the greater the overall reward potential in terms of loot drops.
  • Unlike traditional dungeons, rewards aren't earned through quests. Instead, achievements are tracked via a scoreboard within the dungeon, comprising:
  • Total Bosses Defeated: 7, yielding a fixed reward of 280 Dragon Tokens upon completion.
  • Top Damage Dealers (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place): 50, 45, and 40 Dragon Tokens respectively.
  • Top Healers (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place): 50, 45, and 40 Dragon Tokens respectively.
  • Top Tankers/Damage Receivers (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place): 50, 45, and 40 Dragon Tokens respectively.
  • Maximum potential reward for excelling in all categories: 430 Dragon Tokens.
  • All 7 bosses are dragons and spawn randomly. The first boss must be located, and upon its defeat, a message will appear in your Chatbox, indicating the next dragon's location (Click on the Dragon's Name for auto-target activation).
  • Your rewards will be sent to your character via mail.


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The Squad Structure

To ensure a successful run, it's crucial to have a balanced squad comprising Tankers, Damage Dealers, and Healers. Avoid forming squads with duplicated classes, as this imbalance will hinder your ability to complete the run successfully. The bosses in the dungeon inflict heavy damage and employ mechanics that prevent one-sided overpowering or quick completion.

Note: Highly recommended to be endgame when doing Dragon's Cove


The Entrance

You'll access the dungeon through the recently introduced Dragon Shrine NPC located in Archosaur West at coordinates 524, 663. The entrance system isn't based on squad leadership, allowing each squad member to enter individually and at their convenience. However, if all members aren't inside within 60 seconds of the first member's entrance, the difficulty of all bosses will significantly increase, resulting in a hardcore punishment mode. It's advisable to restart and ensure all members enter within the 60-second time window, ideally with a full squad of 10.

Once inside the dungeon, you'll need to locate the first boss. Subsequently, the whereabouts of each successive boss will be revealed in your Chatbox. Simply clicking on their name will automatically guide you to their location.


The Bosses

As previously stated, each run is distinct, with randomized boss encounter patterns. As you progress deeper into the dungeon, the bosses grow stronger. Some bosses may prove easier when confronted earlier in the sequence, while others become formidable challenges when faced as the final opponent.

Boss descriptions:

  • Wyvern (immune to water) - Will spawn spheres depending on the amount of players, avoid being hit by them. Spark to avoid being hit. Gets enraged, boosts all his stats
  • Red Smoke Dragon (immune to fire) - Spawns a seed and becomes immune to damage. Destroy the Seed to remove its immunity. Prepares a single strong blow.
  • Armored Dragon (immune to metal) - Spawns eggs. Destroy the eggs to prevent the Dragon from going into Rage Mode. Spawns damaging aura circles, make sure to avoid them
  • Alpha Dragon (immune to metal and fire) - Spawns pools of poison, they are destructive when standing inside so avoid them at all costs. Pulls players towards itself
  • Fire Dragon (immune to fire) - Spawns Spheres, that should be killed in order to weaken the dragon else he will get more powerful. 
  • Shadow Dragon (immune to fire) - This dragon is dangerous at close range, so avoid being to close to him. He also casts a killing Blow, that requires players to run away, staying together will be deadly.
  • Water Dragon (immune to water) - This dragon will heal, in order to prevent him from healing you will need to cast a skill that interrupts channelling. Casts iceskills.


The Rewarding System

Entering the Dungeon, you will notice a new Icon on your screen. 

The Scoreboard

The scoreboard is categorized into objectives completed (Bosses killed), damage taken (Tanking), damage dealt (Damage dealing), healing, and deaths. Deaths do not result in any negative consequences; they serve merely as a means for you to monitor your runs in terms of squad member inefficiency and class performance.

The rewards structure is based on the number of objectives completed (bosses killed), as follows: +10, +20, +30, +40, +50, +60, +70 Dragon Tokens. In essence, each boss defeated adds +10 Dragon Tokens to your total winnings.

This culminates in a total of 280 Dragon Tokens upon successfully completing the entire dungeon.

Failing to complete or stopping the dungeon before defeating all 7 bosses will lead to reduced rewards. (Refer to the reward pattern above and calculate accordingly.)

The Bonuses

Being 1st in your category will gain you: +50 Dragon Token
Being 2nd in your category will gain you: +45 Dragon Token
Being 3rd in your category will gain you: +40 Dragon Token

Theses so called Bonuses will be added on top of your collective win pool at the end of the run.


The Rewards

Upon completion of a run, you will be rewarded with Dragon Tokens. These tokens can be utilized at the Dragon Shrine for Constellation items (further details below) or for cosmetic goods at the Dragon Totem (previews below).

Your rewards will be sent to your character via mail upon finishing a run.

So keep an eye on the mailbox icon when finishing the run. 


Dragon Token

The Dragon Tokens are the main currancy obtained from completing Dragon's Cove. They can be used for various things at the 2 Dragon's Cove NPCs

  • Dragon Shrine
  • Dragon Totem


Additional Information

For more information check out the following Guide: Constellation System

For previews of the Cosmetic Goods check out the following Guide:


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