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Evolved Primal Expansion

Evolved Primal Expansion 

(Version: 33)





Primal Skills:

  • Primal Skills have been added to their original location, at Sacred Cauldron

We decided to not add the Skills to any Shop, nor will they be obtainable in any other form or way, except by farming and doing Quests in Primal World.

  • Depending on the feedback done later by the community, we won't hesitate to modify certain skills, IF the request will be reasonable and justified. Regardless of the fact if its a nerf or a buff, until we provide the perfect balance. 
  • Primal Skills (Especially: Passive) will help players EXTREMLY in terms of PvE and farming, enabling a decent balance between DPS and DPH based classes

At this point Evolved PWI International has finally implemented the latest game mechanic content, that was missing, which isn't based on randomly adding stats to your character with new Items. The skills were often pointed out as essential, as useful and as stabilizing and fun.  This is a game, and it should be all based on FUN in the first place!

Reminder: The skills are only obtainable by farming. 

  • The Skill Corrosive Cold was intentionally removed (For now), as it shortens the fights extremely (By increasing the cooldown of the opponents HP Charm), and not having that Passive Skill proved, that it decently balanced Primal skills out on its own!



Balance Editor - Evolved PWI

The Balance Editor - Evolved PWI is a completely custom, selfmade tool, that allows us to modify certain outcomes as the community wants them to be. We would like to say, that we have worked for quite a while on this Editor, and spend a lot of energy to made it the best possible functioning Tool there is. The work spend on this Tool is the reason we have been lately a bit of less active in game. Hopefully you relate.


What can it do?

  1. Modifying the Physical Damage of a class (By choice)
  2. Modifying the Magical Damage of a class (By choice)
  3. Modifying the Physical Defence of a class (By choice)
  4. Modifying the Magical Defence of a class (By choice)

All changes are done in percentage (%). You don't have to pick/change all of the Values, you can modify from 1 - 4.  (Or no changes)




Physical Damage Magical Damage Physical Defence Magical Defence  Opponent
0 0 0 Assassin
0 0 0 10% Mage
0 0 0 0 Stormbringer
0 0 0 0 Class X

Increase | Decrease: 1-X%

As shown in this EXAMPLE, we have increased Blademaster Physical Damage vs Assasins by 10% and Blademaster Magical Defence vs Mage by 10%. While against Stormbringer it's just like it was before (Retail).

This works for All Classes versus All Classes, which means we can literally change any Class vs Class scenario as you, the community want it to be!

Depending on your feedback we can Buff/Nerf any class you want us to against any other class you want us to. 


The Advantage:

Adding new Items, modifying Skills or increasing the Damage of a Weapon for a certain Class, will always result in => Those Changes applying against ALL classes, causing most of the time unwanted scenarios.

With our Balance Editor, we can literally pick a Class vs Class Scenario (Example: Blademaster vs Class X) and modify it by your wishes!

We can also modify only certain things. For example if an Archer is doing way too low Magical Damage against a Stormbringer, we can increase the Magical Damage of all Archers by X% against Stormbringer, and, VERY IMPORTANT: ONLY vs Stormbringer (In this example). While the Archer damage against all other classes stays normal (Retail). The possibilities are endless.



With our New Editor we will be able to slowely but surely balance every possible outcome, that our community seems problematic WITHOUT:

  • Changing Skills
  • Adding New Items
  • Forcing everyone to farm New Things
  • Changing existing Items
  • Destroying the Value of certain items
  • Destroying the fun Skill mechanics a class has

Note 1: This Editor DOES NOT require the server to restart, NOR do we have to patch after every change. It works 100% real time and the changes can be added at any time and reverted/removed at any time

Note 2: This Editor DOES NOT edit your stats or anything like that



Evolved Inventory Stone

  • The issue with Split Bags causing 2 rows, that were originally added with the new Inventory Stone, to disappear was fixed. Your Split Bag mechanic will now function properly

This New item is obtained exclusively by participating in Archosaur Invasions, for more information, check out the > Invasion Guide <



Mysterious Merchant

  • The Mysterious Merhchant has now additional Quests in order to Exchange your Chip Packs. Currently available:
    • 50 Chip Packs = 500
    • 100 Chip Packs = 1000
    • 500 Chip Packs = 5000
    • 1000 Chip Packs = 10000
    • 2000 Chip Packs = 20000

If you encounter any issues with the conversion, please contact us on > Discord <

  • Mysterious Chip Stack was increased from 9999 to 99999




Character Name

(Max. Length)

The Character name length is set to be max. at 9 on all servers. We have extended that Limit as follows.



  • The Max Length of a Character Name was increased from 9 to 14

You can change your Character name by using an:

Identity Stone


Note: New created Characters after the new Patch will already have 14 letters available




Rank 9 Recast 4 

(Optimisation - Requested)

The Sky Splitter Rifle (Crossbow) available at:

    • Boundless Forge 
    • Cauldron of Ascension Forge
  • Can now be Re-crafted by using the Weapon itself and half the cost of items and Coins, that would have been required to craft the FULL Weapon!

Hope you will like this small, but quite useful addition




Item Stacks


  • The following Item Stacks were increased to the following amounts:

Wine stack increased from 9999 to 99999

Wedding Candy increased from 100 to 99999


  • All Type of Dungeon Wines:

Osmantus Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Bamboo Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Daughter's Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Fragrant Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Chiennan Spring Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Ancientwell Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Afterglow Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Tukgan's Wine increased from 9999 to 99999

Wine of Everlasting Sorrow increased from 9999 to 99999


  • Dragon Orbs:

Dragon Orb (Star 1) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 2) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 3) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 4) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 5) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 6) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 8) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb (Star 9) increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb Ocean increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb Mirage increased stack to 9999

Dragon Orb Flame increased stack to 9999





Elfire Quest

  • The Quest "Stupid Elfire" was fixed by adding the Harvesting Material existent at any time, instead of depending on various triggers (that weren't working).

If you are doing the Quest Elfire Polution, then you will be now able to finish it by digging the Elfire at the following coordinations:

    • 551 765(30)
    • 551 765(30)
    • 552 771(30)
    • 552 771(29)
    • 553 771(29)
    • 553 771(30)
    • 555 766(29)
    • 555 766(30)
    • 555 768(29)
    • 555 768(29)



Auto-Swap Handler

  • Was added to Event Shop for 0.01 Silver, as it was often reported to get by mistake sold and then can't be re-obtained. This way you may get it for nearly free each and every time



Guild Banner

Thanks to the Guild:

  • Kthxbye 

For purchasing the Banner Guild Token. Your Banner was added at the Position you have wished for at Archosaur West. Preview:

If you want to obtain such a Banner for your guild, in order to recruite more effectively more Players and advertise your Guild on ANY City of your choice, then we recommend you obtain the Guild Banner Token from Cubi shop:



Molten Mines 

(Reflection: Kthanid)

  • The Boss: Reflection: Kthanid has its self healing Mechanic removed



Whisper Chat

Since a lot of people suggested changing the Whisper Chat colour to something more visible, as it gets often very clustered in game, and the Whisper chat becomes very unclear, especially in the Night circle of the game. We decided to adjust it a bit. 

The Whisper chat will look as follows:

In case you all don't like the colour, or find it rather irritating, than actually helpful, let us please know, so we can revert the Changes.

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