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Event: Archosaur Invasion

Archosaur Invasion

(Nostalgic Event)

As promised, and after re-awakening Twilight Temple and Nirvana Palace, we have decided to return a very nostalgic and very loved Event from the past.

Welcome back, Archosaur City Invasions!

Note: permanent Event


How does it work?

The Event will take place every Wednesday in the following timezones:

  1. 03:00 AM - 03:15 AM
  2. 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  3. 19:00 PM - 19:15 PM

You can take the quest: Archosaur Invasion from the Invasion NPC

  • Defense Herald Chao at ADC West, ADC North and ADC South:
  • Events Giver NPC at ADC West












Quests Rewards
First Task 1 random: Company Pet Pack
Second Task 1 random: Mount Pack
Third Task 1 random: Aura Wing Pack (Permanent)
Fourth Task Evolved inventory Stone + Event Gold x8
Final Task Cubi Gold x5 + Event Gold x15


Evolved Inventory Stone

Evolved Inventory Stone is a completely new item, that will extend your inventory from the previous max. of 96 to 112




The Invasion is a permanent Event, and will also reward you with various new Items:

All are dropped by the Invasion Mobs except for the Enchanted Scroll, which is only obtainable through Event Shop.


These Items are used in order to craft the new Upgrade-able Weapon Fashions, which can be found at the NPC: 

  • Defense Herald Chao at ADC West, ADC North and ADC South:
  • Event Giver at ADC West














Which will contain unique and nowhere else available Weapon Fashions, which can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 3!



You may preview all Mounts and Company Pets under the following Links:

Archosaur Invasion Mounts

Archosaur Invasion Company Pets

You may Preview all Weapon Fashion under the following Links:

Tier I Weapon Skins

Tier II Weapon Skins

Tier III Weapon Skins

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