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Nation Wars 2.0

Evolved: Nation Wars

We have turned Nation Wars into a Battleground, as known in games such as World of Warcraft. The Event will be started like usual: Friday and Sunday at: 20:00 PM Server time. You will be randomly assigned to either:

  • Flame Nation
  • Dark Nation

Without the possibility to join the Event as a Squad. However, you can form squads when entering and being assigned to a Nation.

There will be 2 completely randomized Nations fighting each other each Friday and Sunday at 20:00 PM.

We have also changed the composition of the Nation Wars: Battleground as following:


On the left is the Light Nation, on the right there is the Dark Nation. All other Nation war rules are intact and as usual.

Another adjustment is the Traveling time which was reduced from 30~60 seconds (depending on the Map to Map range) to 3 seconds! In order to apply a fast paced reach of each map, causing a flexible and continues Fight between the Nations, just as it's supposed to be in a Battleground. 

This change will also stablize the rewarding method and provide proper and continues rewards to all the participants. 

The reward remains the same: 


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