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Primal Skills - Farm

Primordial and Barbaric Blood



These 2 key items required in order to craft all Primal Skills (active and passive) are beside the retail method of:

Also available at the following instances:


Uncharted Paradise

This is the hardest, but at the same time quantitively most rewarding Dungeon there is. You will have to kill Lord of Paradise a couple of times, depending on the Quest stage you are currently on. 

For more Information check out the:


Heavenfall Temple

Another Instance, that was customised by Evolevd PWI in order to reward players with Primordial and Barbaric Bloods is Heavenfall Temple. It's a Dungeon, that is supposed to be done during the week: From Wednesday to Wednesday (When it resets all the Floors).

Each Boss Floor will have a chance to drop Primordial Bloods depending on your Luck. 

For more Information check out the:


Sky Drake (Event)

A daily Event, which is based on Sky Drake's Air Ship (Boss) spawning in Primal World (Which always happens with an announcement being shouted on World Chat (Red Colour). 

Once Drake is killed, (He doesn't fight back) a portal is opened, that has a time limit to it. Going through that Portal you will be able to collect:

These items are then used in order to be exchanged for various items, including Primordial Bloods at Merchant Sokka - "Primal World" 376 459(30)

Drake will also shout a message indicating, that he was destroyed and that the Portal was opened successfully.



Under your Mini map, you will find a Calendar Icon. This icon will pop up a menu, that is rewarding you for your daily logins!

Beside many useful items it will also reward you at specific days with Primordial Bloods and Barbaric Bloods, so make sure to check out the full Guide under the following Link:

Daily Login (Guide)

Note: Some items might be different on Evolved PWI

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