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Update Version 14 - Easter Event

Update Version 14



Evolved Easter Special!

Easter Event


How to particiapte?

You will be able to farm all Easter items via 3 grinding mechanics:

  • Easter Dungeon (Quest)
  • Invasion (All main cities)
  • Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Dungeon (Quest)

  • You will need 3 members in order to enter the Dungeon with levels of at least 30
  • You can enter via Easter Bunny NPC in ADC West 525 663
  • Take the Quest from the Easter Bunny and Slay the Boss inside the Dungeon

Reward: Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Egg, Basket of Easter Eggs, Easter Candy

Available: Daily


Invasion (All main cities)

  • The Invasion schedule is as follows: 2:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM (Server time)
  • It will spawn mobs all over the main cities (Eggs) which will drop items
  • Lasts 20 minutes 

Reward: Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Egg, Basket of Easter Eggs, Easter Candy

Available: Daily


Easter Egg Hunt

  • It will activate right after the Special has started and will randomly spawn 100 Easter Eggs over the Map
  • Whenever somebody discovers an Egg (digs it) - A shout will appear informing the server of how many Eggs are still hidden all over the World Map (99/100)
  • Find the Eggs and dig them in order to receive the items

Reward: Purple Easter Egg, Green Easter Egg, Red Easter Egg, Pink Easter Egg

Available: Resets every 6 hours


Evolved Easter Special (Fashion) 

These are previews of the Easter Special Fashion, which are exclusive to this event and can't be obtained in any other form or way:


Other Changes:

  • Update Guild Icons
  • Added requested Titles
  • Added new Guild Banners
  • Organized the Fashion Shops (Cubi and Event shop)
  • Made all Fashion trade-able in both shops
  • Added new Male Fashion (Female is reserved for the next patch)
  • R9R4 armor set, was changed on the (4) armor stamp from 10 DEF level to 25 DEF level

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