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Update Version 21


Technical Changes:


  1. As announced on Discord, we have decided to step up the gaming performance and smoothness by buying a NEW Main Host, which surpasses our current one by a lot. That's our way of saying Thank you for your loyality and being part of the Evolved Family! We hope that you will have even more Fun with the new, stronger, more stable host, that will for sure deliver a better performance Gamewise as well as connection wise.

  1. Evolved PWI has added a 2nd US host, dedicated for the awesomely big part of our community, that's living in the US. We hope that you will have a lot of fun on the New Host: US - 2, which will evenly arrange the US playerbase and enable an even more comfortable and smoother gameplay, compared to what it already used to be!


New Event Hosting

Welcome to our new way of automated - permanent or temporary Events. In order to have a structured future Event adaptation we have deciced to introduce to you our new NPC: Elder: Events Giver:

The NPC is located at Archosaur West at 529 663



Molten Mines

Molten Mines is a completely new and customised Dungeon, that will become part of the PvE on Evolved Perfect World. The type of this Event at the Elder: Events Giver is: Permanent

You may enter the Dungeon via Elder: Events Giver by attempting the Quest, which requires a Squad of 6 people, in order to enter the Dungeon.

There you will, see the following Quest on the Elder:

      • Molten Mines Lv. 100


The dungeon Molten Mines, will reward you properly with all items that will be listed in the Molten Mines Guide, but for now you won't be able to exchange these for their original Rewards. This is mainly due to testing purposes which will take place within a week AFTER the update was successfully launched. After the week the Rewarding NPC will be placed in Molten Mines and you will be able to exchange your Items for the Molten Mines Rewards.

Note: You won't be losing any of your Items after the testing week, you will KEEP all of it.

>> Molten Mines Guide <<



Evolved: Nation Wars

We have turned Nation Wars into a Battleground, as known in games such as World of Warcraft. The Event will be started like usual: Friday and Sunday at: 20:00 PM Server time. You will be randomly assigned to either:

  • Flame Nation
  • Dark Nation

Without the possibility to join the Event as a Squad. However, you can form squads when entering and being assigned to a Nation.

There will be 2 completely randomized Nations fighting each other each Friday and Sunday at 20:00 PM.

We have also changed the composition of the Nation Wars: Battleground as following:


On the left is the Light Nation, on the right there is the Dark Nation. All other Nation war rules are intact and as usual.

Another adjustment is the Traveling time which was reduced from 30~60 seconds (depending on the Map to Map range) to 3 seconds! In order to apply a fast paced reach of each map, causing a flexible and continues Fight between the Nations, just as it's supposed to be in a Battleground. 

This change will also stablize the rewarding method and provide proper and continues rewards to all the participants. 

The reward remains the same: 



UI - Interface optimisations


Character preview

When using the Item: Eye of Observation, it used to display a lot of statistics very poorly and mostly bugged - overlapping digits. This was fixed so everyone can very clear analyze their opponent or friends by the prohibition of having Eye of Observation in your inventory!






Character assistance Display:

The assistance health Bar used to be very buggy displayed, usually making it impossible to determine the statistic of your opponent, especially if the Target is a Venomancer, as it includes a Pet display/Button as well. That was now fixed and will be presented a lot more clear






Opponent HP

The Health displayed on your opponents HP bar was now bolded, in order to enable a clearer vision and to make it equally presented as your own Health Bar





The Conversion Inv. Button

The Conversation button in your inventory will now work properly, based on the retail rules set in the default NPC, that lets you already convert your Stones properly.






Game Economy Balance:

In order to keep up with all the different Event Gold farming additions, that were included within the last months, we were forced to adjust several items, due to either rarity, or alternative way of obtaining, balancing the trading economy out:


NPC: Claudron of Contemplation:

  • The exchange of Basic Badge to Supply Token was reduced from 75 to 35 in order to put more focus on Nation Wars (increasing the activity) and Bounty Hunter quests


Shop: Event Boutique:

  • Deity Pack price was increased to 3 Gold
  • Demon's Hidden Treasure chest was increased to 3 Gold with the stack of x85 in order to adjust it properly with the rarity of other Packs (Example: Delicate Moon Pack)
  • Glowing Energy Core and Ancient Relic were removed (Too similar to Delicate Moon pack and Demon's Hidden Treasure, unnecessary to remain in the Shop)
  • Primordial Blood and Barbaric Blood were removed (Unnecessary)
  • Golden Splendor was reduced to x25 stack (due to Outdated - Imbalanced cost and value)


NPC: PWI Iceshard Agent:

  • Foritifcation Seals were changed to function as Sky Cover Rings, obtained by Nightspike Crystal - You will have 4 different types of Foritifcation Seals and Amounts, that will require different Iceshard Coin amounts.
  • Each stack has a different chance to SUCCESSFULLY craft the Foritifcation seal. The more Iceshard Coins required, the higher the chance
  • 5000 Iceshard Coins = 100% Chance to craft 100x Fortification Seals



Other Changes:

Cubi Shop Changes:

  • Auras were reduced to 50 Gold
  • Aura Pack was reduced to 40 Gold
  • Fashion Wings were reduced to 45 Gold
  • Fashion Wings pack was reduced to 35 Gold
  • Sage and Demon: Stormbringer and Duksblade Books were given a proper Description at the Shop Page
  • All Class flights are now available to Stormbringer and Duksblade as well
  • Portable Banker was removed - Banker Button is available at the Inventory for free


Event Shop Changes:

  • Jones Blessing and O'Malleys Blessing were added 7 Days to their name, so there won't be any confusion of their temporary status
  • Sage and Demon: Stormbringer and Duksblade Books were given a proper Description at the Shop Page
  • Christmas Items were removed

Website Changes:

  • Bigger stacks of Event Gold Boxes were added to the website, in order to achieve an easier mailing system from Website to In game without any lost of Event Gold Boxes.


Quality of Life Changes:

  • Quantitative bigger stacks of all important (Re-directed to us) items were added to all Forges, that used to cause "Server Error" freezings. This way we are hoping to bypass the Anti-Duping mechanic and still maintain a comfortable crafting Experience
Note: More items and quantity stacks will be added as soon as people address them to us
  • The Inventory and Banker max. capacity of coins, was increased from 200.000.000 coins to

Extra Changes:

  • Guild icons updated
  • Soldier's Pay reward for Territory Recourse Wars was reduced to 500 (Per member)

Hope you will like the changes of the New Patch. Leave a Like or Dislike! That will help us determine our direction properly

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