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Update Version 30

Patch V30



Twilight Temple (Rebuild)

Twilight Temple was slight changed in terms of drops. We have added a completely new item to the dropping pool of all Bosses from:

Act I:

  • Chrono (60 -65 LV.) 1-1 Mode
  • Dimensic (68 - 73) 1-2 Mode
  • Substancia (76-81) 1-3 Mode

Act II:

  • Substancia (74 - 79) 2-1 Mode
  • Naught (82 -87) 2-2 Mode
  • Null (90-95) 2-3 Mode

Act III:

  • Null (88 - 93) 3-1 Mode
  • Vacuity (95-100) 3-2 Mode
  • Doom (100+) 3-3 Mode


The bosses will have a chance to drop: Twilight Box.

The Twilight Box has a chance to drop:

  • 1x  Twilight Essence (90%)
  • 2x  Twilight Essence (5%)
  • 3x  Twilight Essence (3%)
  • 4x  Twilight Essence (1.5%)
  • 5x  Twilight Essence (0.5%)

Twilight Box drop chances by Modes:

Act I:

1-1 Mode = 2%

1-2 Mode = 5%

1-3 Mode = 10%

Act II:

2-1 Mode = 15%

2-2 Mode = 20%

2-3 Mode = 25%

Act III:

3-1 Mode = 30%

3-2 Mode = 50%

3-3 Mode = 100%

To drop Twilight Temple Box


What's the use of Twilight Essence?

Twilight Essence can be used at the Twilight Forge: Materials in order to craft Sky Pills, as displayed below:


Note: You might also want to check out the official Twilight Temple Guide, since the rest is kept original: Twilight Temple: Guide



Nirvana Palace (Rebuild)

Nirvana Palace was changed in terms of Drops. The Dungeon structures stays the same, as well as the Bosses, their damage and percentage when it's about their spawn chance.


What is New?

Nirvana Palace Bosses will drop one of the following:

  •  3x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  4x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  5x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  6x Iceshard Coins (20%)
  •  7x Iceshard Coins (20%)

The other rewards Rapture Crystal and Uncanny Crystal remain the same and completely default in chances, amounts and Boss stats.

For more information about Nirvana Palace, how to enter and requirements please check out the following Guide: Nirvana Palace Guide

Reminder: You may enter/open Nirvana Palace with 2 players on Evolved PWI x2



The Buff Merchant

The Buff Merchant is a special feature, that will allow our players to receive various Buffs (From: BM, Barb, Sin, Cleric...), in exchange of a small fee. This NPC is placed near Archosaur West Teleport Master:

You will find the Buff Merchant in Celestial Vale at 484 865 near the Lightsale Cave (FB:19) for all players, that have difficulties with the First cultivation.

Below you may check out the Buffs and their effects:

The buffs available to Level 1-70 are including the Double Damage buffs, which will ONLY work against Mobs and Bosses! This buff will cost more than other buffs

Note: These buffs are specially created Buffs and will last for 1 hour, compared to the normal class Buffs.



Sunset Valley (Re-Build)

Sunset Valley, also known as Tank wars used to reward Supply Tokens. 

We have changed Sunset Valley to reward Event Gold instead of Supply Tokens, in the following order:

1st Place  x10 Event Gold
2nd Place  x9 Event Gold
3rd Place  x8 Event Gold
4th Place  x7 Event Gold
5th Place  x6 Event Gold
6th Place  x5 Event Gold
7th Place  x4 Event Gold
8th Place  x3 Event Gold
9th Place  x2 Event Gold
10-100th Place  x1 Event Gold

For more information regards Sunset Valley, such as Duration and scheduled times and days, check out: Sunset Valley - Tank Wars (Guide)



Frostcovered City (Re-Build)

Another reintroduction of a Nostalgic Cave in a new From. 

Frostcovered City was only changed in terms of it's final reward: 

  • Sincerity Chest

From the Quest Sincerity (75~105 LV.), which is the main Quest of Frostcovered City.

The Chest drops were changed as follows:

Note: You will need at least 2 players, max. 6 players in order to open and finish this Dungeon


Other Changes:


Event Shop:

  • Squad Signet was added in x100

Cubi Shop:

  • Faction Signet was moved to the Portals Tab, where Squad Signets are currently located - Preventing confusion



Item changes:

  •  Warsong Marshal Stamp was made stackable. It won't take up as much inventory space as before
  • Shouts - Broadcast (red chat) Notifications were removed for:
    • Warsong Barrier·Void 
    • Warsong Lock·Void 
    • Warsong Barrier·Null 
    • Warsong Lock·Null 
    • Warsong Barrier·Naught
    • Warsong Lock·Naught


Nation Wars:

Cauldron of Contemplation has now a new item added to it:

  • Revelation Potion in x1, x50 and x100 Amounts (1:10 ST)



  • Updated Guild Icons

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