Update Version 52 - Constellation Expansion

Update Version 52

(Constellation System)


This patch will include 2 NEW systems and 1 new Dungeon: 

You can check out below what changes and additions were made:

  • Added Constellation System. For more information Click on the Guide 
  • Added Rune System. For more information Click on the Guide
  • Added Dragon's Cove Dungeon. For more information Click on the Guide
  • Re-worked Icebound Underworld to reward Rune materials.
  • Updated Icebound Underworld Guide, to display new Infromation. For more informatino Click on the Guide
  • Re-worked the Beast Forms of Barbarian and Venomancer. We'll have them in the game temporary, and then the Community will decide if we'll keep them as default or rather not
  • Fixed Bug for Tansmutation advanced auto-recovery not rewarding properly
  • Removed Duplicated reicepies from Wang Tsai npc with stir/cloud rings
  • Removed Chienkun Stones required to upgrade Stir Cloud and Sky Cover rings but increased the fee from 5m to 50m Coins.
  • Added DBZ Fashion in Boutique Hot Tab
  • Added NextGen, Accoladed (G18), Doom Weapon Fashion in Boutique Hot Tab
  • Added new NPCS:
    • Dragon Shrine - Entering Dragon's Cove
    • Dragon Totem - Crafting Cosmetic Items
    • Rune Merchant - Crafting New Weapon Runes
  • The Seeker skills: Saber Rattel and Krav Maga were made Selfbuff only in order to not correspond with our new Weapon Runes
  • Simple Mode (Button) will now display most simple weapons and flights, as everyone requested
  • Added "Vote for Event Gold" button to the Event Shop
  • Added a Preview Tab in the Shop instead of the Vip section, where we will from now on add our Event related cosmetic items (Weapon Fashion, Flights, Mounts etc.). That way you can preview everything in game, instead of looking for external website links of their previews
  • Helmets obtained from Faction Base can all be converted from one type to another and back in Weapon Storage VIII
  • Added requested Titles (Cosmetic)