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Dungeon: Flowsilver Palace (FSP)

Flowsilver Palace


Alright guys so with a bit of help from our amazing dev, Raven, I bring you an FSP guide – Now I understand some things have been changes (rewards) but I will explain the NUKE aspect of FSP and the MECHANICS of the bosses incase Nuking cant be done, SO here we go :3

Lets start with entering FSP

- You’ll need to be RB 1 lv 100+ at the very least
- You should not need to be a specific sky lv, but incase thats the case its possibly at mirage sky 1 – I will have to check this :)
- This never changes for DFSP or JFSP this first part is always the same – Only the boss mechanics change for the higher versions.
Starting FSP
Now idealy you want the following classes – you can fill the other slots with other classes you may need – DD mostly

Now you can do it without those classes but that’s the perfect NUKE squad.


First part:
Here you’ll notice dropping axes of doom – they deal small dmg (Depending on the class) you should still be-careful with these (Holy path through them really)

after your done with that you’ll see a room that contains:
- Left platform

- Right platform
- Mid platform
- Back platform


Now there will be bats on the mid platform so be-careful if your squishy you might die.
There are mobs on Left and right platforms so again be cautious

On each side (left and right platforms) there are diggable pillars – these need to be dug at the same time

The back platform once both pillars are dug and the bridges are raised a min boss will spawn – he has no major mechanics just kinda kill him.

Things to note:
- the bridges will disappear and reappear so take caution

- The lava will kill you instantly

- there are times where you might roll back to the current position so please be cautious FSP is extremely buggy in terms of walking.

- Remember to dig at the same time


Drakes room
So once you’ve killed the first boss and gone through the underwater passege you’ll get to the first boss: Azoth Drake, the ice dragon
you’ll first need to pull all the dragons around the sides and kill them all to spawn the boss


Now here’s where things get fun. - this works for DFSP and JFSP
First boss: Azroth Drake: The ice dragon
To nuke this:
1. Someone will pull
2. Spark as he gets to the stairs
2.1: Venomancers: PURGE and AMP
2.2: Blademasters: HF!
2.3: Assassins: Subsea

2.4: Clerics: Blue Bubble on the ring platform if you can jump up there
2.5 Seeker: Debuff (Dont remember the names of the 3 debuffs)
3. Nuke

Normal FSP – I.E not DFSP / JFSP
- Dodge the blue circles
- Kill the mobs (Aoe preferably since they heal the boss if any 1 of them survive)
- you can still purge amp debuff etc


DFSP should be the same as JFSP just with less severe consequences

- Use your pro math skills to stop Azorth from recovering xD

- You only need one person for the math job, i would suggest a range class. Since your in a pool that keeps pulling you into the center.

- Solve the problem within 30 seconds and the boss will stop healing.

Correct Answer Response: "Azoth Drake: You're too powerful.....I am doomed."

- In the pool, one side has 4 Mercury mobs that has +1 written on them.

- On the other side, there are 2 Mercury mobs that has +2 written on them, and another 2 Mercury Mobs with x2 written on them.

The right combination of mobs will allow you to proceed ahead to the next boss.

Here is how the math should work
- +2
3 - +2, +1
4 - +2, +2, or +2, x2
5 - +2, +2, +1 or 2, x2, +1
6 - +1, +2, x2
7 - +1, +1, x2, +1
8 - +2, +2, x2
9 - +2, +2, x2, +1
10 - +2, +2, +1, x2
11 - +2, +2, +1, x2, +1
12 - +2, +1, x2, x2
13 - +2, +1, x2, x2, +1

14 - +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, x2

15 - +2, +1, +2, +1, +1, x2, +1
16 - +2, +2, x2, x2
17 - +2, +2, x2, x2, +1
8 - +2, +2, x2, +1, x2
19 - +2, +2, x2, +1, x2, +1
20 - +2, +2, +1, x2, x2
21- +2, +2, +1, x2, x2, +1

^ The explanation is one I found from EPW (Will work the same) Because I couldn’t find a way to put it into words of understanding really, never really done it manually…….So ty to…..Ranny for the expectation

Once you’ve kill the drake boss you will go HALF WAY through the next corridor before you are met by a flaming fiery bolder that WILL kill you
Um so, the best way to do this part is:
- IG (Iron guard) and run straight to the next room
- Stand in the corner of the first turn towards the fire ball of death

both these basically just make sure you don’t die – you can also just stand and wait at the entrance of the corridor until the ball of death breaks and then its safe to go through

So you’ll be met by steps on the next part – only thing here is to jump before the next step as there are fire below in between each step that sometimes you’ll rollback into and you will die – you can be ressed as its an isolated spot so….yeah


So Second boss:

He is an evil son of a…….. - Kill the 6 mobs in the room

So here’s the nuke aspect

1. Someone will count – 1.2.3
2. a female will Kill ALWAYS at 2

3. Everyone will spark half way to 3
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is how it should be set up
1 person to count

1 kisser


1. Venomancer: PURGE AMP

2. Blademaster: HF
3. Assassin: Subsea
4. Seeker: Debuff
5. Clerics: watch for debuffs on player targets – DoTs (not sure if this is for FSP but certainly for DFSP and JFSP So be aware regardless

The important thing here is you NEED THE SQUAD ON FREE

1. Stand near the steps
2. Have 1 person kiss
3. THE BARB MUST TANK – Please for the love of everything good – let the barb tank
3.1: FOR BARBS: Make sure he is facing AWAY from the squad members
3.2: Squad members please stay BEHIND toad, else he will One Shot you / the Squad
4. Normal FSP is simple, just need to have 1 person pick up axes and throw it at the boss when he gets a blue shield – this stops him from healing
DFSP: Same mechanic as normal FSP – throw axes at the boss to stop him from healing
JFSP: Toad spawns 1 gold coins everyone needs to RUN from the coin
1. Kill the silver coins
2. Axe the boss


The corridor past toad is easy really just kill a bunch of mobs – no big problem – get to the next room

NOW Here is where you need total squad coordination
Boss 3: Peach Blossom

some mechanics for blossom before we get to the Nukes and UnNukes
- you will at least once, die at this boss and if you don’t (First time round) the well done because damn…….she is a pain
Mechanic 1: She will tell you to RUN or STAND TOGETHER this means you RUN FROM EACH OTHER or you STAND WITH EACH OTHER if your not in range of out of range from each other you will DIE
Mechanic 2: she will Tell you to interrupt her heal – she will full heal otherwise (9/10) itll be like quarter the bar

Ok so to nuke

1. 1 will Count
2. Veno will amp and purge boss
3. Seeker Debuff
4. Everyone will spark at 3

NOW Importent thing to note is the veno will purge and amp at the count of: 2
everyone will spark on 3 – this gives the boss enough time to put her heal up log enough for it to be purged so VENO’S please AMP FIRST then purge

1. DO the same as you would if you were nuking
2. Disperse or Stand together
3. Interrupt healing

Rinse repeat

She gets a few other little mechanics I think more for JFSP than DFSP
So DFSP should be the same as normal FSP with the disperse or stand together
So do the same as normal FSP


So now things get crazy
She will now additionally spawn a GOLD flower
Now the way I do this is you follow the tanker Once she spawns the gold flower she will tell you to disperse or stand together, so normally disperse you stand as far away from teammates AND the flower as possible (remember not to stand to close to each other)
If she tells you to stand together WAIT for the gold flower to pop up and then the barb will move with the boss to X location away from the flower FOLLOW THE BARB you need to be together with the barb so the mechanic works but also so you don’t die by the flower.

So quick run down:
- gold flower spawn

- Stand together – follow barb after gold flower spawns

- Disperse run from each other and the flower
The last mechanic she will spawn blossom that give you invoke – will stop you being One shot from her aoe.
There are 2 of these you can be in either one as long as you are IN one

So normally she will:
Spawn flower
Spawn immunity blossom
Heal – You need to interrupt this
Rinse repeat.


This is the final boss for DFSP and normal FSP
So, before we get to him there are a few little mechanics you need to be aware of.
To start with there are some easier mobs to kill in there – just kill them not really a big deal
Secondly there will be 6 mini bosses walking around the top platform PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK THEM – this mechanic doesn’t really matter on FSP and DFSP but IT WILL SQUAD WIPE ON JFSP
Wait until they come down

DO NOT AOE until they are all down – again this only really applies to JFSP – DFSP obviously it will do damage but I don’t think it will squad wipe everyone
These 6 mobs need to go down retentively together I.e they need the same HP or they will heal (Unless you can nuke each one at a time that’s fine – if you can nuke, they need the same HP as each other so take care of your damage)


Once they are dead the last boss will spawn – Now he is the last boss to FSP and DFSP – JFSP has an additional boss
Last boss: tyrant lord: Mushi

1. Pull Mushi
2. Debuff at stairs
3. Spark
4. Nuke
Some things to remember: he will give you sparks, you NEED to USE those sparks or you will die. He nuke according to your chi level – I.E if you have full sparks you die – If you have no sparks you live – simple right

That’s about if for the FSP and DFSP version of Mushi

JFSP Mushi:
He will not only give you sparks but you now have to kill a crystal in order to survive
- Poke the crystal

- Stand inside the crystal = wont die

- stand outside the crystal = Death

That’s about it
Barbs note that at 5% HP he will start raging I.e inc damage and aps


JFSP Final boss:
Balle will land on a platform

1. Spark when lands
2. Debuff
3. Kill

Now 9/10 you probably wont entirely nuke it so here are some mechanics

- when she gets to 20-50% HP she will spawn minions and she will become immune – yup you guessed it.
- Kill minions = taskes her immunity away
these minions are nasty they not only AOE but they deal some real heavy damage both magic and physical so you’ll most likely get wiped a few times here.
- She may also spawns a clone of Mushi or sky scream (From HDD) KILL THE MOBS FIRST, CLONE BOSS AFTER
- After all thats dead she will put 1 skill of CD – I.E its a duskblade skill that when you use that skill while the debuff is on it puts that skill on a 1 minute cool down.

You cant really do this UnNuked side they are practically the same thing really.



  • Common Refine Orb Pack x1

  • Rare Refine Orb pack x1

  • Flowsilver Emblem x2

  • Fortifications Essence x2


  • Ultimate Refine Orb Pack x5

  • Flowsilver Emblem x2 

  • Fortifications Essence x20

  • General Summer Token x5

  • Basic Badge x5


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