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Evolveds Newbie Guide


EXPECT the GRIND – The first 1-100 is a pain in the ass!
So you will start off in Celestial Vale like everyone else does/did

What you will have is YUP you guessed it A BUNCH OF BORING STUFF TO HELP YOU LV. – Get started! - do you pink quests!

What if i need help?:
Have no fear! Our Evolved support team will help you!
- Ask in World chat for help, someone will help!
- Ask in discord for a supporter or another player to help!
- If you dont have any Telecoustics dont worry! There will be a support room up! - Chat bar > G chat > Join > Support

The little things:
- Event gold every 6 hours – After lv 30
- Trivia every 10 or so levels
- Scarlet fruit bosses (Strong/Sutrix etc) if you dont know where these are I will add a list of where each one is
- Helpful community!
- Integrated: Skill sender/Buff enhancer/Instance re-setter

- Lots and lots of chat spam! No im kidding!
- Reputation turn ins – that dont take 9 years of clicking!
- Lots of ingame events 24/7

Things you need to know:
- Everything that requires and ORNEMENT Upgrade will more than likely be in the Natiuon war forges (North forges – they are littlerally to the left of the Banker – cant miss them)
Commander and Chief = R9 base (R9R1) Gear – Opposite to general summer
Commander and Chief = R9 Recast 2 (R9R2) Gear
Warsong/Lunar = R9 recast 3 (R9R3 – your final gear set/if you dont choose r9r4) This forge is inside Warsong/Lunar - Pearless
Boundless Forge = R9 Recast 4 (R9r4) the very last cast – this forge is in north near the NW forges
Alts: your only allowed 1 main and 2 alts online at any one given time.
This server: The server is NOT Pay to win - Everything here takes time to get - Enjoy it!


Things to note on this server:

- FSP/UP: Is modified you can see the FSP guide for the rewards/Mechanics

- HFT/EU/WS/TT/FCC: Are modified

- There IS NO Starchart

- There IS NO Cards

- There IS NO Nuema’s There IS NO G17 Weapons

Server Rates are x2 XP/SP/Coins


Leveling in Vale:

- Quest

- Pick up small quests around the villeges to get Fantasy fruit

- Eat the fruit

- Do you’re Culti

- you get from 1-20 in around an hour or less depending how many fruits your eating.

- Now naturally you’ll need gear! Dont worry though! You’re little chest on the top left that you’ve probably noticed shinning will give you Lv1-40 gear but thats where it stops, after level 40, Id expect you to be somewhat power leveled through FCC or Doing pink quests to level doesn’t really matter how you Level, as long as you do it, right?


Max gear:

- R9r3/4

- APS Gear for Assassins/Blademaster/Archers (choice)

- Gaining R9 will require alot of event gold - you get event gold every 6 hours above lv 30! 
- Gaining Event Gold:
- Turning in Coins to Event gold: https://evolvedpw.com/panel/items/vote


Leveling ways:

BH (Bounty Hunts)

Start Lv: 40

You will be able to pick this quest 3 times a day




These will give you les xp each number you do so BH: I is the most xp, BH: III is the lesser of the 3

In this order is what BH you’ll have:

BH: Lv 40-50 > Qingzi > Hall of deception (BH29)

BH: Lv 50-60 > Farren,Calcid,Trioc > Gate of Delirium (BH39)

BH: Lv 60-70 > Fushma,Ranker,Wyvne > Secret Frostcover Grounds (BH51, This IS NOT FCC)

BH:Lv 70-80 > Zimo,Ofo,Quingi,Drake,Glut > Valley of Disaster (BH59)

BH: Lv 80-90 > Pyro,Gnob,Pole > Wraithgate (BH69)

BH: Lv 90-100 > Styg,Linus,Brig > Hellusionary Trench (BH79)

BH: Lv 100+ > 1000 Year spirit, Ninetails,Phlebo > Eden (BH/FB89)

BH: Lv100+ > Demonic Vex, abomination, Fats > Brimstone (BH/FB89)

BH: Lv100+ Seat of torment (this could be in there its changed since I was last lv 100 doing a bh)

BH: Lv100+ Abbaddon (this could be in there its changed since I was last lv 100 doing a bh)

BH: Lv100+ TT 1-1/1-2/1-3 etc (this could also be one ive seen in Wc going around)



Best ways to level:
Oracles: lv 35s noramlly is the go to
Card Bosses: Normally watcher of Chasm

PV: 30-100 each day

Questing in your lv area/Look in availiable quests

Crazy Stone 30+ do this everyday itll give you half your xp bar!

World Quest 60+ Its long yeah i know but its good to do if your afk most the time n come back for checking stuff!

BH ALWAYS do you're BH at least once a day!



- This server has Coin quests
- Best Toekns of luck from packs at a ratio of 2:1 - Boutique agent > Last tab (Best) > white note (10mil big note) - " best lucks for 1 big note - (2:1)

Tokens of Luck = Reputation = R9 = Power = Oh look im endgame Gear - Its effectively 9 stacks of ToLs for 300k reputation
Exam Lists = Reputation = R9 - 1k of these will make 10 of the bigger exams via the boutique agent - gift exchange > Best tab > Last item on the third row

Scroll of tome: Packs
Love up and down: Boutique agent > Gear tab > First item on the second Row
Dominance Tome: x1 Love up and down + 40 Seals of war + 500 ST (1 NW Should get you a Dominance! Don’t be worried if your constantly dying!)

Emperor Tome: x1 Dominance + 72 Seals of War + 900 ST (NW)
Now this is not the end game Tome but it will be the one you are stuck with for a while!

Next will be rings:

Dayflame Soul: Packs
Lunar sign insignia Ornement: Packs

Reawaken IV Finger Bead: Pack

- Dayflame Soul + Chaotic Sign of Frost / Antiquity (i.e 95 rings) = Sky cover (Physical) / Stir cloud (Magical) Rings

- Sky Cover / Stir Cloud + Supply Tokens + Seals of War = Moon Embrace / Star Destiny

- Star Destiny / Moon Embrace + ReAwaken IV Finger Bead = Solar Slaughter / Mortal Slaughter

- Look now i have end game rings – you should only do this once, your R9 ring will replace the other slot.


Robe next!

Matchless Wings: Packs

Matchless Wings + Gold Snake Cloth = Wings of Ascension
^ This will require:
Tokens of luck: 9999
Best tokens of luck: 9
Youll also need to do what we call a Cape AEU run (which i have another guide for)
Now your faction may already have these made up so if you ask nicely enough you may get one for free!

Helm next:
Now i'd suggest going for a G16 helm because getting a crown of madness is like getting a max char in 1 hour.....not gonna happen anytime soon

Crown of Madness is typically the End game helm

Again.....Packs OR Iceshard coins....... From packs/FSP



Diamond of Dragon (DoD +1 Defence Lv)

Diamond of Tiger (DoT +1 Att Lv)


3 DoT Make 1 Daity Stone (+2 Att Lv) End game Shard

3 DoD Make 1 jade of Steardy Defence (+2 Defence Lv) End game shard

You need 24 of 1 of these shards or both if you go Half Def Half Att


Refine Orbs

- Primal Dailies

- RB chain

Craft Level

You can get the pack which gives you Lv 1 – 8 craft lv from the event boutique at 40 Gold Each.

Or you can do it manually!


Veno pets:

- Not entirely sure, Id Assume get normal pets I.E baby pets

- You can get the monkey king from the event boutique: 50 event gold which is about 2 weeks of voting
- You can also get them from server events like: halloween event / Christmas events etc! Keep an eye out!
Things youll be doing alot of:
- Warsong – Warsong City
- Lunar – Lunar Glade
- EU – Endless universe

- AEU (Maybe) – Advanced endless universe
- FSP – Flowsilver Palace
- UP – Uncharted Paradise
- NW – Nation Wars
- TW – Territory Wars
- MM – Molten Mines
- All and every event going
Server events:
Arch Invasion:
Celestial Tigers:


Sunset Valley

Nation wars

Faction Trials – This will depends on your own faction
Jungle Ruins

Pw Database:
Pw Database2:
Event Scedual:
Automated events:


Molten Mines Lv. 1

Molten Mines Lv. 2


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