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Farming Glyphs (Guide)

Farming Glyphs


Main method:

      • Icebound Underworld
        • The Solo mode Bosses for physical classes have been nerfed
          • The reward was doubled depending on what round you get (Rewarding 2x Glyph Packs Lv.1 instead of originally 1x)
        • The Squad mode has now a daily Quest obtainable from the Icebound Guardian NPC and will reward you with 10x Glyph Pack Lv.2 you will also receive 6x Glyph Pack Lv.1 for each of the 15 coins spawned (90 in total) after successfully finishing the dungeon
          • New Daily Quest - available "Underworld Journey" at the Icebound Guardian



  • Undiscovered Dungeon

Will reward you with 15x Glyph Pack Lv.3


  • Molten Mines (Lv.1 and Lv.2)

Molten Mines Lv.1 will reward you with 15x Glyph Pack Lv.2

Molten Mines Lv.2 will reward you with 20x Glyph Pack Lv.2


  • Uncharted Paradise

This Dungeon has now a new Quest, requiring you to kill Lord Paradise and will reward you daily with 1x Glyph Pack Lv.4

Quest name: Kill Lord Paradise. AGAIN?!

The Lord Paradise Quest chain requiring to kill it 15 times (last in the chain) will reward you with 1x Glyph Pack Lv.6


  • Faction Trials

Doing the Faction Trials once will reward each Participant with 90x Glyph Pack Lv.2 and doing them a 2nd time that week with another 90x Glyph Pack Lv.2


  • Sunset Valley

 Craft 3x Glyph Pack Lv.3 with 3x Sunset Valley Tokens at the Sunset Valley Tank NPC at Archosaur West


  • Archosaur Invasion Event

Will reward you with double the amount of Glyph Pack Lv.1 


  • Celestial Tigers Event

Will reward you with Lv.2 Glyph Packs


  • Flowsilver Palace

Silvery Flow Quest will reward you with 5x Glyph Pack Lv.3 Pack


  • Endless Universe

An Unexpected Gift Quest will reward you with 5x Glyph Pack Lv.2


  • Master Bounty Hunter (Quest)

Will reward you with Glyph Pack Lv.2

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